Apostle Sibiya Was Single And Desperate? The Lady Who Went To A Sangoma!

I had started a church and a lot of girls flocked to the church. I thanked God for such because I know my aim call is to bring souls to Christ. However, I didn't know that out of the many there were some with ulterior motives. I had been in love with a great sister in christ but the relationship ended in a huff when I decided to follow the Lord's call to start a ministry! Here's a funny story of one lady who seriously liked me and went around saying that she was mai Apostle:

Apostle Sibiya Was Single And Desperate? The Lady Who Went To A Sangoma!

So here goes: the lady liked me a lot and without me even knowing she went around telling people that she was going to be mai Apostle. Nhai girls zvinombofamba seiko nhai ipapo? I had not even imagined that she would be anything except a church member. Nothing bad about her but I had not thought of it that way chete! I guess paaakaona kuti ndaisatombomuona she went a step further!

The lady decided to visit a sangoma to try and get me. Kikiki, frankly speaking, guys how do you go to a sangoma to get a man of God? When she consulted with the witch doctor threw his bones and looked at her and it is reportedly, said, the guy said to her, "mwanangu zvaurikuzama hazviite izvi. Uyu munhu akachengetwa naMwari ende zvauri kuda kuita hazvishande paari, uyu munhu waMwari! I think you are seeing where my desperation started!

A few things I learned: Never try to use the devil's power to get God's blessing. Relationships and marriage are great blessings from God and we must seek them from God and God alone! Udza Mwari kuti ndimi makandipa manzwira ekuda mukadzi or murume saka ndionei! Nemi vanoenda kuChurch musandoenda kuChurch, namatai muri paMweya, kunze uko kune mapere, unoroyiwa uri muChurch! Marriage starts and ends with God!

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