How To Overcome Spiritual Spouses!

Did you know that the issue of spirit husband and spirit wife (spirit spouses, evil spiritual marriage) is one of the greatest spiritual problems which has pervaded societies of the world.

There are vicious sexual spirits which molest and torment individuals. In the book How To Overcome Spiritual Spouses!, Apostle Pride Sibiya, teaches you how to receive deliverance from spirit spouses and other associated wicked powers.

This book explains how everyday events are continuously pointing to past decisions made either by someone in our family or by ourselves. If you want to get to the root-cause(s) of the things in life you just cannot seem to “shake,” then I strongly suggest you read this book to literally unveil the mysteries, roadblocks

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How To Overcome Spiritual Spouses with Apostle Pride Sibiya
How To Overcome Spiritual Spouses with Apostle Pride Sibiya

About The Author (2018)

Apostle Pride Sibiya is an author and speaker. He founded Glory Ministries ( in 2001. The ministry has grown into a multi-faceted international outreach which reaches many nations. Apostle Pride Sibiya has authored numerous books other books including "How To Overcome Spiritual Spouses!, The Cell Group System, Let's Talk About Sex Babe and Why Should I Go To Church." He and his wife Anna Sibiya live in Zimbabwe, Greater Harare with their three daughters.

Bibliographic Information:

Title: How To Overcome Spiritual Spouses!.
Author: Apostle Pride Sibiya
Book Design: Oudney's Studios ( - 2015
ISBN:  9780797 464001
Length: 44 pages
Subjects: Religion, Deliverance, Christian Theology, Ethics
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