Wealth Creators Network

Welcome To Wealth Creators Network: Wealth Creators Network is a network of the Sons and Daughters of Bishop Pride Sibiya who have a common interest in the world of Business and Finance. 

Bishop Pride Sibiya kickstarted this initiative to raise Wealthy Believers. He intends to work with people who are currently regarded as down-and-outs and the rejects of society and with the grace and anointing of God - the Bishop has received a Word from God to turn their lives around and make them God's Wealth Creators.

The aim is to find 50 aspiring believers who are hungry for God to bless them and make them into Kingdom Wealth Creators.
Wealth Creators Network
Wealth Creators Network

Bishop Pride Sibiya is committed to spending time and his spiritual efforts to raise God's 50 Millionaires.

The Wealth Creators Network Will Oversee The Following:

1. Wealth Creators Academy: The Academy is dedicated to showing its members the correct way to do business. It is committed to working with its members to draw up a strategy, teach them the skills, and make sure the right tooling for business is implemented.

2. Wealth Creators Consultancy: Provision of high-quality support, helping members to think differently, identify and tackle barriers and to focus on the right things at the right time so as to achieve growth.

We have been trading for fourteen years and our clients include commercial businesses, public sector agencies, schools, universities, colleges, charities and social enterprises.

If you are looking for help from a dynamic, highly-experienced team of business consultants with the ability to interpret what’s best for your business – then talk to us!

3. Wealth Creators Partners: All the members of the WCN automatically become part of the Partnership System. With the help of our Partners, we further the kingdom by making a difference in the lives of God's people all over the world.

With our partners, we band together to save the lost, help the hurting, and spread the Gospel in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Wealth Creators Classes:
1. Wealth Creators Mentorship: We host these mentorship classes once every month.
2. Wealth Creators Masterclass: We host these masterclasses once every three months.

Overall, Bishop Pride Sibiya designed WCN to help individuals and small groups deepen their understanding of Kingdom Business.

The WCN Classes Area Comprised Of Classes On The Following:
1. The Bible on business.
2. Business as Ministry.
3. The Kingdom Business Code.
5. Leaving a legacy.

We will be uploading resources as they become available. We hope you find these resources helpful and would welcome your feedback.

Joining The WCN:
We are looking for 50 members, who will join the Business Network in 2020 into 2025 and for them to join this is what they need.

1. Joining Fee: at least $20.00 USD monthly membership commitment fee.
2. Fill The WCN Membership Form.
3. Commit to attending the WCN Mentorship and Master Classes.

Experience The Power Of Building Networks: Your choice to connect changes everything. Join the frontline with Bishop Pride Sibiya of the next multi-millionaires and help us to spread the Gospel of Grace to those in need. 

We want WCN to become a community of kingdom entrepreneurs within Glory Ministries who share a passion for business and a love for Jesus. 
Wealth Creators Network
Wealth Creators Network

We invite you and your network to join WCN and become a member. 

We would be delighted to connect with you and hope that we might be able to encourage one another as we strive together to do business as a ministry. 

Members will receive FREE MONTHLY DIGITAL copies of a newsletter from Bishop Pride Sibiya and access to other business empowerment resources.

By choosing to join and sign up today, you will also receive exclusive access to the Wealth Creators Portal.
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