Apostle Pride Sibiya's Guest Post Submission Guidelines

I love accepting guest posts!

At this time, though, I am really ONLY accepting posts on issues from a faith point of view. I occasionally also accept posts on other topics, but again – they must be from a faith point of view.

Increase Your Chances of Acceptance:

- Guest Posts must contain original content.

- Make your post between 700-1500 words.

- Include at least one anecdote - people really like “real-life” stories. (Note: I’m very unlikely to accept posts without some personal anecdotes).

- Talk about a tackling a specific problem, not something generic. Think, “How do I eat dinner with my husband once the baby comes”, not “how do we adjust to marriage once the baby comes”. The more specific, the better!

- Break up your text with 4-5 headings.

- Make sure your post relates to faith in some way (or at least doesn’t go against Christianity)

- If your post is accepted, we reserve the right to make changes to the article in order to comply with site goals, including changing the title, formatting, and editing the content for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and clarity.

- The bio may be no more than 275 characters long, including spaces, and will be added at the end of the post.

What I’m NOT Looking For:

- I don’t publish guest posts with text links for businesses (ie. a link to an insurance quote site, or car rental site). If you’re an author and you’ve written a book, and you write a post about the same subject and link to your book, that’s perfectly fine. But links to specific businesses aren’t guest posts, they’re sponsored posts, and I do charge a fee for those. You can see my advertising rates here.
Apostle Pride Sibiya's Guest Post Submission Guidelines
- I’m not looking for a generic post that looks like it could be on yahoo.com (ie. 5 Ways to Boost Your Energy! And the 5 ways are all things we already know: drink more, get lots of sleep, exercise, etc.). I need something that’s interesting, and that relates to Christian marriage in some way.

The Advantages of Guest Posting:

If you submit a guest post and I decide to run it, I’ll link to your webpage, which will increase your Google ranking. I’ll link to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or wherever else you’d like to point people to. And I’ll link to your book, if you have one. So it’s a great way to boost your website and your social media!

How to Make Your Guest Post Pay Off:

- Start a newsletter and include a link in your footer where people can sign up.
- Publish the post around the time your book is launching.
- You may include up to two back-links to your blog in the text of the post. 

Please note: These must be links to your blog or your book on Amazon, not links to a sponsor or company. If the links are to a business, then this counts as a sponsored post, NOT a guest post.

Other FAQs

Do I need to provide a photo? No, I usually will do that myself. If you’re really good at graphics, you can certainly submit one, though.

When will I hear? I’ll usually get back to you within a week and tell you if we’re going to run it or not.

Will I get paid? At this time I don’t offer payment for submissions. You will, however, see a boost in traffic and a boost in your Google ranking!

Submit Your Guest Post: Submit it here.
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