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God’s Manifestation: Who is Apostle Pride Sibiya? With a proven record spanning more than two decades of unflinchingly loyalty to the Christian ministry, Apostle Pride Sibiya is a recognised end-time apostolic father and scholar offering a fresh and bold interpretation of the gospel truth.

A graduate of the University of Zimbabwe and Domboshawa Theological College, Apostle Sibiya is well-known for his profound, yet easy to grasp, scriptural teachings in a wide range of topical issues affecting contemporary Christianity.

He is also vibrant in the exorcism ministry and the use of supernatural capabilities, which has made him a brand name in Christian circles.

His labours in and outside the hallowed halls of worship has made him a sort-after speaker featuring as guest of honour at various platforms in and out of Zimbabwe which also include numerous television appearances on Zimbabwe’s national broadcaster.

A prolific blogger contributing extensively and pragmatically on the Christian discourse, Apostle Sibiya, commands a huge following on social media platforms not limited to Facebook and Tweeter.

His hard to ignore voice on the religious landscape has even been more pronounced in the numerous books he has penned which include the bestselling Overcoming Spiritual Spouses – a lucid presentation on how to effectively incapacitate the spiritual spouse demonic phenomena.

Why Should I Go To Church – another brilliant masterpiece that intents to restore sanity into the whole business of church attendance. Let’s Talk about Sex Babe – is a frank discussion on sexual matters among the young generation and His Glory Our Vision – an exposure of the mandate that God has set for him and his legion of followers.

His many articles on diverse Christian subjects have appeared in various publications including the weekly Sunday Mail, dailies such as Newsday and tabloids such as H-Metro.

In response to the divine vocation of fathering the Christian church to further the gospel message in the end times, Apostle Sibiya in 2001 founded Glory Ministries – a Christian organisation consisting of a network of congregations and other specialised ministerial portfolios now spread over Zimbabwe, South Africa and Zambia.

The fatherly figure mantra conspicuous in the ministry of Apostle Sibiya has largely manifested in a strong passion at leadership development that has led to the training and deployment of numerous Christian leaders including the ever bulging number of gospel ministers falling under Glory Ministries.

Though couched in many different forms, the Apostle Sibiya’s message is consistent – it is a message of the unfailing love of God reaching out to save fallen mankind. His rallying call embodied by the expression, “Mega Souls, my tears” captures the essence and heartbeat of what Apostle Sibiya assumes to be his foundational mission.

Born Pride Sibiya on the eve of developments that led to the independence of Zimbabwe from colonial rule on the 5th of September 1978 to Stanley and Lizzy Sibiya of Chipinge – Apostle Sibiya grew up in Harare’s dormitory town of Chitungwiza in a well-up middle class family of two children.

Plagued by a recurring illness, the young Pride Sibiya was moved from one spiritual healer to another in search of a remedy to a sickness that seemed to defy even the best healing practices of the day.

It was on one such quest that a traditional healer clearly pointed God’s hand upon the feeble child. Years later in 1987 that frail teenager raised his hands in surrender and acceptance of Jesus Christ into his life at a gospel crusade hosted by legendary German gospel minister Reinhard Bonke.

Though the ensuing years proved challenging to keep the newly found faith burning resulting in a regression – a Damascene experience in 1995 led to an amazing comeback and ever since, Apostle Sibiya has not retracted from the path of God.

Apostle Sibiya is married to another powerful gospel minister Anna Tendai Sibiya and the couple is blessed with three daughters, Anouya, Anenyashe and Anaya.

Together with more than hundred church networks plus another hundred clerics – they form an extensive family, uniquely mandated to explosive evangelism, equipping believers, providing a home, spiritual worship and social relevance – all for the manifestation of God’s glory.
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