The Success Lady Born With H.I.V Part 2

Continued from part 1

I am Millicent Chiminya. I hope you read my story from Part 1. You can read it on the link at the end of the story.

I then said to her, you always make jokes about my legs don't you know my dad died because he had a problem of legs too and she said who told you that and I told her it was my mom then she said that's not true your dad died because he was HIV positive and he refused to take the treatment and you and your mom you are positive too that's why he died!!! Guys I was shocked, to be honest, and it pained me! I was heartbroken!....

When I go back to Harare where I stay with my mom, brother and sister I then asked my mom what killed dad and she didn't tell me the truth. I told her what my grandmother said and that's when she sat down with me and started to tell me the truth and it pained me that from 2008 to 2016 I didn't know that I was HIV positive and I was being lied about the medication which I was taking. That time I had just finished my O'level and I had a boyfriend whom I was dating so I went and told him about my status and he accepted me the way I was so he didn't stay in Zimbabwe (he stayed in SA but he came once or twice per month in Zim). 

He had told me that he wanted to find me a job in SA so I then told him he must as soon as possible so after some days he went back to SA and after some months he told me he had found the job for me so I should come. I then told my mom that I want to go to SA and she refused but in my mind, I told myself that I'm going no matter she likes it or not because that time I wasn't happy with her because she lied to me for years so I was mad at her so the guy did everything and I didn't have a passport so he paid the drivers for me to jump the borders so I run away to SA and I started working there at MTN company then I saw that the job was not paying so he told me to quit.

I did so he was the one taking care of me paying my rent buying me food clothes and everything I was now working in his shop again as a secretary and doing my Beauty therapy course. I wasn't toking to any of my relatives even my mom so after a year that's when we started talking and communicating with mom until we were mother and daughter again but it was still paining me a lot so after 3yrs I got very sick and I went to the hospital and I was told I have TB so I told the guy who brought me to SA and my mom and my mom told me to come back home but the guy who brings me to SA didn't want me to go back so I came back in Zim by force and my mom was happy to see me after 3yrs.
The Success Lady Born With H.I.V Part 2
The Success Lady Born With H.I.V Part 2
I got the medication for TB, unfortunately, it wasn't the first time to be diagnosed with TB because my mom told me that I once had TB when I was 3yrs, by that time we were now staying in Waterfalls so we went to Waterfalls Clinic to take my ARVs. I had defaulted, so I was taking counselling sessions. That's when I met someone who made me accept myself and realized that it wasn't my mother's fault. 

She was also in pain as I am so we should be happy that we are alive so that girl was God's saint I started going to support groups meeting others like me having fun and I started loving myself this girl who works at Waterfalls Clinic under Zvandiri Africaid organization she's a Community Adolescent Treatment Supporters (CATS). I don't know what God planned for my life that girl chose me to be a CATS member again in 2019 in October we went to the interview.

The Success Lady Born With H.I.V Part 2
The Success Lady Born With H.I.V Part 2

I passed and we went to the training and we started working that time that's when I started loving myself, being the happiest girl in the world I didn't know I wasn't alone I was happy to meet others like me so I started taking my medication very well because you can't be a good counsellor for health if you don't know how to take good care of yourself so now I'm working as a Community Adolescent Treatment Supporter at Zvandiri Africaid organization and at National Aids Council.

I am the happiest girl in this world, I love myself because being HIV positive doesn't stop, you from being happy and it's not the end of life right now I'm achieving my dreams I want be an Ambassador of young people living with HIV positive and I have started achieving it, I disclosed my status to the whole world I now know my purpose to live for. I now know many challenges and situations which others like me are facing especially stigma and relationship disclosure because I have faced all those too but by God's grace I overcame I found someone who loves me and I am a living testimony.

Thank God for sending people to me and thanks to my Bishop, Apostle Pride Sibiya and mama, Pastors D.Ps Namane, Zvandiri Africaid, National Aids Council, Sly media, Zimqueensnotsorry, Zimbolive, and Zimcelebs I really appreciate everything may God bless you those who want to see my stories go on Sly media tv my username on Instagram and Facebook is Millicent Chiminya please like and follow me.

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