The Success Lady Born With H.I.V Part 1


My name is Millicent Chiminya I'm a girl born on 27/05/99 and I am 22yrs, I was born HIV positive but I didn't know. My mom always tells me kuti I was a child who was always sick every time since I was a baby so before my parents knew that I was born HIV positive my dad got sick in 2007 and they went to the hospital and we were tested.

The Success Lady Born With H.I.V Part 1
The Success Lady Born With H.I.V Part 1

For me and my parents, the results were saying we are HIV positive and my dad refused to take treatment so we went home and my dad's illness got worse that he was taken by his relatives to go to Buhera kwaMurambinda hospital that's were we come from. All the doctors in Harare said there is nothing they can do due to my dad's illness that's why he was taken by his relative and kwaMurambinda. They said the same unfortunately he didn't live for a long time after he was discharged from kwaMurambinda so he passed away in 2007 and I was very young he left without saying goodbye but anyway that's everyone's road and we will all go with that road so in 2008 that's when my mom and I started taking ARVs HIV treatment but I didn't know anything and my mom told me that I was taking medication for chest problem so I thought it was true.

The Success Lady Born With H.I.V Part 1
The Success Lady Born With H.I.V Part 1

I continued taking my medication very well until in 2016 when I was in Domboshava for holiday I was with my grandmother my mother's mother so we were talking about how my dad died because I was told my dad died because of his legs problem off which wasn't true so my grandmother was making a joke of my legs (aizvimba). I then said to her, you always make jokes about my legs don't you know my dad died because he had a problem of legs too and she said who told you that and I told her it was my mom then she said that's not true your dad died because he was HIV positive and he refused to take the treatment and you and your mom you are positive too that's why he died!!! Guys I was shocked to be honest and it pained me! I was heartbroken!....

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