MUST READ: Men's Bedroom Manual To Satisfy Their Wives (Part 1)

Many men miss it when they ignore learning about bedroom issues because they think they know it all. 

While we hide in pride, our women are not being satisfied yet they cannot say it out! Please try this short course.

I always think of the example I was given that women are like those Mazoe Iron. This type of iron heats up slowly but when it is hot you iron all the clothes with easy thus you need to take your time in bed, not kuita hwejongwe. It all starts from the mood of the day that is from the morning when you wake up.

Written By Phillip Matowa


Pray together
Plan together
Play together

1. Your first words to her put her in the mood those sweet nothing words.

2. You can bath together.

3. Prepare breakfast together then go to work.

4. Constantly during the day send her those love messages (they love it when you tell them you appreciate them) even the intimate stuff some call dirty talk. You are preparing the ground.

5. Tell her what you want to do to her manheru iwayo.

6. After work pick something for a sweet, chocolate or just a little something for her woman want attention.

Hygiene is of paramount importance as body ordors can be offending bother parties.

Stripteasing: Try to make the act of undressing part of your love play.

Slowly undressing each other and allowing your mutual nakedness to reveal itself (usamhanye mukadzi ndewako) stage by stage, will intensify your desire for one another.

As each item of clothing slips from the body, pay your partner a compliment, mentioning not just the obvious sexual areas, but also the eyes, hair, mouth, skin hands, feet and so on.

Take Your Time!

Opening Moves

If you have been petting, hugging and kissing each other, you may need to signal that you are ready for more. (Thanks to Zesa you need candlelight) if you can afford the scented ones the better the red and colourful ones.

It is sometimes a relief for the man when the woman decides to take the initiative, giving him signs that she wants to go further.

Slowly undoing his belt buckle and trouser zip should really do the trick! (Apa kamusic playing softly in the background).

Slow and Steady (Usamhanya)

Now it is His turn to make a move. Take things slowly and let your mutual anticipation of pleasure build up gradually.

Open the buttons carefully one by one, and joke about it if one gets stuck.

Tell her just how much you have been looking forward to this moment of love will help to put her at ease

Let's move to touch and kissing and others.

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