MUST READ: Men's Bedroom Manual To Satisfy Their Wives (Part 2)

Touching and kissing: Getting undressed should be part of the whole lovemaking experience rather than a means to an end. As the clothes begin to slip from her body, continue to touch and kiss her.

She is going to need to move around so that you can remove her outer clothing with ease.

Part of the fun of undressing each other is to constantly exchange active and passive roles.

As her body becomes more exposed, stay sensitive to her signals so that she feels happy and relaxed about what is happening.

Sexy Texture: As you stroke and touch one another, the brush of the cloth against her breasts and genitals can be very arousing. Only you will know the point when she is ready to remove all your clothes

As her bra falls from her body, and her breasts are exposed, cradle them in your hands to acknowledge their soft, sensual beauty.
MUST READ: Men's Bedroom Manual To Satisfy Their Wives (Part 2)

Touch and stroke her naked belly, letting your fingers slip under the panty line with just a hint of the explosion.

Usamhanya hako.

Fun of Unfastening: One area gentlemen, we need to buy these items for our wives [the under garments]

Wearing a front fastening bra will make the undressing manoeuvres easier for us. If it closes at the back, ask her to lean into your body and snuggle up to you, whispering some sexy words while you focus on the job in hand

Unpeeling Her Panties: When you remove her panties, try not to do so with indecent haste!

She'll enjoy the feeling of having them peeled away from her like the skin of forbidden fruit.

Edge them down little by little, stroking and squeezing her buttocks gently.
In certain positions, you can pull her close to your body to kiss and caress her at the same time.

Brief Encounter: We men will be thrilled if she shows us a desire for us by removing our underpants. Roll them down slowly over our buttocks, allowing you to touch her while she does so

Let us now move to naked passion.

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Written By Phillip Matowa

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