Prophetic Instruction To Hairdressers And Bakers

 Are you in the beauty industry? Are you in the confectionery side of business? I got a prophetic instruction for you as I prayed this morning. This is a window period of a few months and if you follow the instruction as per what I saw your business will change for the better.


Please take heed to this prophetic direction. I saw in the spirit, that these two sectors were receiving grace to expand and excel. Instead of just declaring what I saw , I started petitioning God on what people must do to succeed in this area in the season. 

I then started seeing more things. I saw people being lifted by God and becoming more influential in these areas as things changed. There is going to be some pressure on people in the next three months to open a way for your success. All of a sudden your areas will trend and cause people pressure to like your work. However, you need to do a few things to prepare for this upgrade:

1. Change your perception of your level in the business. Re look at your vision of you have or ask God to give you a clear-cut vision. A vision is where your business is going. Don’t just do business, have a vision.

2. Have a mission statement on how you intend to accomplish the vision. Be very clear about how you will do it.

3. Have at least core values that you will stick to, like excellence, honesty, etc. Please keep these! Number 1-3 must be written down

4. Take a big seed to your local pastor and let them know you are poised for great things. You must feel that you have sacrificed. Ask for prayers and a declaration of blessing upon you. 

5. After number 4, Daddy says he will begin sending weird designs and pictures to your mind. Don’t think that you are too weird. Draw those down, the hairstyles and the cakes etc and start doing them. Give them a name of your own. Your power is in your peculiarity. However start also to look up others on Pinterest. 

6. Once people start paying for what you are doing do not forget to go and tithe at your local church. Stand with your ministry and always ask for prayers.

7. Change the ambience of your working area and be willing to spend some money on it to design the place excellently, do things more professionally and on time.

8. Know that I am fasting, praying and declaring over you because that is what God is saying. Send us testimonies and never forget the God that will raise you. As you keep following my page I will keep updating you on what God is saying. 

If you believe and follow this ardently in the next 3 months you will testify of the grace that I am seeing on you. Go on and prosper

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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