The Bitterness Of A Genuine Son/Daughter...

I learned to be a good father from my late dad, Stanley Sibiya, and my spiritual father, Archbishop Dr. Asa Gurupira and I have not attained their standard asi "ndirikushingairawo" (am trying my level best). I feel like saying sorry to many of my sons and daughters. 

God has given me so many genuine children and I have done wrong to many through immaturity etc but I am so sorry for this, It's my first time to be an Apostle, also my first to be a Bishop to run such a big ministry, and am still learning every day and for that I am so sorry.

The Bitterness Of A Genuine Son/Daughter...
The Bitterness Of A Genuine Son/Daughter...

This experience has taught me that ministers need to check on how they deal with genuine sons and daughters God gives them. These are some of their hurts:

By Bishop Pride Sibiya  

1. To have a minister who never appreciates the good you do. A referee never gives you a green card for scoring, they just wait for the wrong to pull out a red card. Ministers children do things to make you happy, say something good, appreciate.

2. To have your pastor divulge confidential information you entrusted with them. Pastor please keep our confidence in you by being confidential.

3. To have a pastor deal with your sin on the pulpit before they have heard your side of the story especially when you have been willing to give your side of the story. Please hear us out.

4. To visit us only when you want money or gifts. Chimbotionai tichirwara.

5. To destroy our families by taking our spouses, raping our children, and speaking hate language. Please muruti be exeplary, we know you as a gift from God, just be that to us. Baba musakwikwidze nesu pavanasikana venyu vakadzi vedu.

The Bitterness Of A Genuine Son/Daughter...
The Bitterness Of A Genuine Son/Daughter...

6. To have a pastor who blasts those who failed in life, those who are HIV positive, those who came to church in bigamy(two wives) or polygamy(many spouses), politicians who wanna be your member or term every businessman or dancer as a satanist.

7. When we entrust you with our money, do not abuse it. It hurts. How can I keep coming to your home asking for my money from my father and you keep giving excuses. Pastors be financially sound and have financial integrity. Never borrow money from members, maybe from other ministers.

8. To have a father who competes with you and aims to destroy you, your life, destiny, and gifts and callings. This hurts. Fathers do not be like brothers, let sons excel and bask in the glory of raising sons and daughters who do better than you.

9. To have a self-pitied minister. It hurts to have a pastor who has low self-esteem. The way they dress and carry themself is of looking down on themselves. Even when you give them $100 they are shocked and feel they are unworthy. Mfundisi torai mari mudye. Kana taita, taita nemwoyo wese!

The Bitterness Of A Genuine Son/Daughter...
The Bitterness Of A Genuine Son/Daughter...

On the other hand are pastors who are too full of themselves. They just talk about how all is well with them, preach themselves more than Christ, and spend the service talking about how beautiful their wives, suits are. Pliz servants of God, you are not Michael Jackson, you are a servant of God.

10. To have a pastor with bad grooming and etiquette. Though we value the anointing, our ministers must also be well-groomed and well-mannered. Mufundisi anodaira fon achiti,"ndiani wangu? Heeee chiiiiii, kuti kudiiiii kwacho" ummm anobhowa!

Ministers, when wrong let us confess, We are called by God let us show the way by leading by example.

Children, honor your parents because your pastor has hurt you is no reason to criticize or be familiar. Stand with and improve your own man of God, Thank you, sons and daughters.

I love you all. Anyone, to every son and daughter I have hurt, I AM SO SORRY! All my love!

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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