Testimony: How God Saved Me From The Spirit Of Adultery...

This is my testimony, Apostle, Maybe 1/2 people will benefit. Glory to God.

My name is Esnath, l want to thank God who saved me from the spirit of being a second wife, the spirit of adultery for 13 years.

Testimony: How God Saved Me From The Spirit Of Adultery...
When l started seeing this man he lied he was single. He went and paid for my bride price, but later l realized he was married. The moment l realized he was married, l started working on leaving such an adulterous relationship, the more l tried to come out of it, the more l failed. I had to fight many battles to overcome this.

I had bitterness, frustration, anger etc, All l remember is being someone who grew up in a family where faith was practiced, l had a little faith to push me. I was telling myself God l am not supposed to be a second choice, you made me a first choice to die for me on the cross. One day l will come out of this adulterous behavior, My inner me was telling me that l should not be responsible for the suffering of one fellow woman due to bitterness, lust, and anger, l would skip my family planning tablets, the guy would come in as he pleases sleep with me and l fall pregnant until l had 4 children like that.

At times l would send him away and tell him never to return but the moment l do that l will not spent 2 weeks without calling him, that time l will have sexual feelings that are not normal, l wanted to sleep with him each and everyday l was crying to God to release me from such behavior.

I want to thank God, during my 13 years he talked to me to build an altar ( a place of worship) for him, I was praying for each sin one by one for God to forgive me and to be free from it. During that time, l would follow several pastors online... l started practicing whatever they taught, reading God's word too( the bible and any other articles that talked about God).

I started praying for inner peace, and after attaining it, l moved to bitterness and, after that to anger from there, l could tell l was a free person. My prayers from there were glorifying, thanksgiving, my faith was at a level l could not understand but this big sin of adultery was still there. I prayed and believed God would release me one day even if l have as many children even up to 50, a sin is a sin God will release me.

It happened one day when l was in Europe for work whilst l was there l met this Nigerian guy, While discussing general issues, something triggered me to open up my life to him. As l finished talking he was crying, l asked myself why? He proceeded to tell me that this life you are living my sister, it's not your life, divorce this man immediately and ask forgiveness from the senior wife. Truly you will see wonders that the Lord will do for you from this day onwards.

I thanked God and wrote to the guy instantly while l was still there that it's over between us, we had been living in adulterous behavior, and God had sent me an angel. I asked for the senior wife's contact wanted to book an appointment so that l will see her in person when l come back. 

She said she will be busy that time and can't be reachable, she told me to say my story. I asked her for forgiveness on WhatsApp and she replied that the God l am asking for forgiveness will forgive me, who is she to forgive sins. I thanked her and continued to rejoice thanking God for releasing me.

From there l was praying to God that if it's you God please show yourself more, the man should take everything that belongs to him before l return so that there will be peace in the home. Indeed we serve a living God, by the time l returned to my country the guy had removed everything that belonged to him.

This time around l stayed for 3 months, no sexual feelings anymore for this man l continued in praise and worship god. The devil will not release you just like that, one day the guy came violently to attack me and tell me my decision was not possible, it meant l am seeing someone else. He attacked me and threatened me so much so that l went to report him to the police and we went to court, l also went to seek a protection order and it was granted and our issue was resolved.

To God be the glory l am now a free person, I respect marriages and looking forward to my own. 

For the singles please as a Christian, your own man is there, waiting for you somewhere, leave that married man, test God, and see what he will do for you. I have a lot more to share with you how you can come out of it... Let's help each other two are better than one together we will win.

For the married please continue serving your God, marriages are under attack by the devil, he knows if he attacks a marriage, that's how he attacks the church. Please we singles are vessels the devil is using to attack marriages. Continue to pray. The God you serve knows you by name.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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