Most women complain of se*ual dissatisfaction but the question you should be asking yourself is: Are you playing your part as a woman? Do you know the things that turn your man on? Do you know that a man needs to be caressed and complimented in order to feel like making love to you?

May You Try This It May Help:

1. Be romantic, playful, and spontaneous. Touch your man play with his body flirt with him on the phone compliment him always tell him you love him send him dirty suggestive messages.


2. A man also needs to be caressed to be kissed and touched just like a woman. His manhood is yours play around with it please play around with his balls gently and if he has a problem with premature ejaculation making him ejaculate outside and then turning him on again corrects this.

3. Please do not be afraid: Ashamed or irritated to take him into your mouth it's exciting once you get the hang of it.

4. Allow him unlimited access to your body: Allow him to go down on you. Do not hide your sensitive areas: surely why do hide your breasts ears and womanhood then claim he can't turn me on.

5. Show him you like sex too: It kills a man's ego when he struggles to get it by the time he starts doing it he will be tired from wrestling with you and talking to you to convince you to have it please please if you can convince your man that you also like it and enjoy it it's very important. 

Your man thrives to bring you the latest album of your favorite musician which will stop him from bringing you a new style of se* if he knows you like it.

6. Respond to his lovemaking: Do not lie there like you are dead run your hands on his back and spread out those legs for him and move up to meet him, moan and groan, hiss like a snake.

7. If he hits the right spot say it and show it: Urge him on and hold him tight there, speak in tongues.

8. Suggest positions: And fully participate in your favorite position do not be afraid to go on top.

9. Satisfy him first he will eventually satisfy you: Make him happy and allow him to enjoy you he will return the compliment.

10. Do everything he likes and enjoy pleasing him: You think most men leave you because they got what they wanted: No they would have discovered that you are not enjoying what they are offering you so enjoy what is offered first!

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