Apostle Pride Sibiya Speaks on How He Considers His Facebook Followers

Facebook has become an integral part of Apostle Pride Sibiya's online church, reaching an astounding 5 million people. 

Among the various Facebook pages, one alone has over 900k followers, while his personal page boasts 103k followers. Apostle Sibiya encourages his followers to invite others to join their community and experience the spiritual guidance he provides.

It is important to note that while these followers may not be members of Glory Ministries, Apostle Pride Sibiya considers himself their pastor, alongside many other pastors. He specifically addresses topics that complement the efforts of their physical pastors, reminding followers that their own pastors hold utmost importance in their faith journeys.

Apostle Pride Sibiya may not have met his Facebook followers personally, but he embraces them as his own sons and daughters in faith. He ardently loves them and encourages those who have the chance to meet him to feel free to greet him. 
Apostle Pride Sibiya Speaks on How He Considers His Facebook Followers
Apostle Pride Sibiya Speaks on How He Considers His Facebook Followers
He emphasizes that he is their pastor, not a politician or a celebrity. However, this does not imply that followers must forsake their current churches and pastors and join his ministry, unless they genuinely feel called to be a part of his online church. The purpose of the online church is to complement the vision of existing churches, not to create conflict or division.

Every time Apostle Pride Sibiya receives messages from his followers, be it requests or even mockery, he faithfully prays for them. Additionally, he sets aside select days dedicated to fasting and praying specifically for his online church, demonstrating his dedication and commitment to their spiritual well-being.

Like any church community, Apostle Pride Sibiya expects support from his followers. This support can be demonstrated financially by sharing his posts, inviting friends to join the online church, and attending offline events whenever possible. While followers should continue to tithe to their own churches, they can also uplift Apostle Pride Sibiya's ministry by partnering with the brand and purchasing airtime or gadgets for service. Furthermore, there are initiatives, such as the upcoming December outreach, where assistance is provided to those in need with blankets and foodstuffs, and followers are encouraged to participate in these endeavors.

Apostle Pride Sibiya sincerely hopes that he has not unintentionally offended anyone with his words. He simply wanted to speak honestly from his heart, expressing his deep love and care for his followers.
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