This Is How You Test Your Relationship

Se* outside marriage is a sin, and every believer is expected to keep his or herself until marriage.

I have seen a lot of young people that are in relationships committing se*ual immorality, so in such sinful relationships, if you want to know if it can still stand, remove se* and money, when you remove this, you will find out or discover that you are not in a relationship, you are just committing fornication.

This Is How You Test Your Relationship

Most relationships cannot do any other thing without se*, and that's very bad because they have built their relationship on se*, that's why everything that revolves around such a relationship is se* and nothing else.

Any relationship that is committing sexual immorality will not last, and if that relationship happens to proceed to marriage, it might not last, because there will be a time when se* will no longer matter to you, so what will sustain that marriage will be God and friendship.

Most of us are in a relationship that does not make sense, it is not making us a better person, and it is not building our character too, because all that occurs in such a relationship is se*, there is no time for discussing how to make your marriage to come to a better version of marriage, no time to talk about the future. Please if you are in such a relationship, I will advise you to flee from it.

Most of you can't see yourself leaving such a relationship, because you think you have been together for too long, you have dated for 5 years or 10 years, no matter how many years you have been in a relationship, so far as that relationship is sinning against God, and it is not making you a better person, flee from it, because a such relationship can ruin your life.

School fees are not a bride price, that someone paid you school fees is not enough reason to marry him or her, and if you know that you cannot give back, don't collect what you cannot give.

Courtship is a rehearsal for marriage without se*, so in courtship, you will find out if you can actually live with the person you are dating.

So if you are in a relationship right now, and you are praying for it to reach the level of marriage, please stay away from se*.


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