I Know You Didn't Expect This But, "We Are Divorcing!"

Sadly I have to inform you that my wife and I have agreed to go our separate ways. We have initiated divorce proceedings. I know you didn't expect this from us"

I Know You Didn't Expect This But, "We Are Divorcing!"

The message above was sent to me many years ago by a couple that I had married many years ago. As a wedding Celebrant I enjoy marrying couples and seeing them divorce is torture to my soul. Ndohwa kugwadziwa! God hates divorce and so do I. Divorce may seem like the best option you have right now but the consequences especially on the kids can be devastating. For me and Glory even if we wanted to divorce we can't afford the divorce fees unless we Go Fund Me kkkkkk. Yes I am very much aware that there are circumstances where divorce is permissible both in biblical and societal contexts. Biblically divorce is permissible under the following circumstances 

1. When one has been abandoned by their spouse. 

2. At the discovery of an Adulterous affair. This though doesn't mean that once an affair has been discovered then it's an automatic divorce. Outsource help from your Pastor, Counselor, or Affair Recovery specialist like yours truly Pastor Simba. Many Marriages have been fully restored post-infidelity through both clinical and biblical affair recovery programs...zvinogoneka mufunge.

3. Intimate Partner Violence.Especially Life-threatening physical abuse. The law of sanctity of life is above the law of marriage. Fermicide crimes are on the rise. Gomera Urimo is no longer acceptable! As a matter of principle Glory and I do not entertain unrepentant violent spouses. I would rather have the victim approach our capable Z.R.P. who are better equipped for such. 

Pastor Simba Woloza


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