Debate: What/Who Is The Strongest?

 Once I asked the fire:

 F I R E! Are you the strongest?

 The fire answered: no the water is the strongest when it touches me I evaporate

Debate: What/Who Is The Strongest?

 I asked for water: water, you are the strongest

 The water answered: no, the sun is the strongest because when it comes I evaporate

 Sun are you the strongest?

 The sun answers: the cloud is the strongest because it can cover me or hide me from the world

 Cloud are you the strongest?

 Cloud answers: no, the wind is the Strongest, it can move me from left to Right

 So Wind are you the strongest?  

 The wind answers: no the strongest is the mountain, because when I hit it, I break in two

 So mountain you are the strongest?  

 the mountain answers: no, the strongest is man, because he can dominate me and destroy me if he wants

 Man are you the strongest?  

 The man answers: No, death is stronger, because no man escapes Death.

 Death are you the strongest?  

 Death answers: for centuries I believed that I was the strongest, but one day I killed a man, but after 3 days this man rose again, and defeated me and since then I realized that  I could never defeat him, his name is Jesus Christ he rose from the dead, and that's is it's only through Him that you will have eternal life.

Glory be to God

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