5 Different Ways By Which People Become Initiated Into Witchcraft - Dr. Olukoya Reveals

According to him, The enemy gets angry when you have been unconsciously initiated. You have familiar spirits; you have witchcraft; you seduce spirits, but you do not know. When you now raise your voice and begin to attack those powers, they will lose their temper against you. There are five kinds of witches. He then revealed 5 different ways by which people become initiated into witchcraft. They are:

1. Witches by decision:

According to him, they want to become one. Maybe somebody has offended them and they want to fight back, so they decide to go and join them.

5 Different Ways By Which People Become Initiated Into Witchcraft - Dr. Olukoya Reveals

2. Witches by inheritance:

Maybe your grandmother, father, or mother was a witch, and they just decided to pass it on to you.

3. Witches by covenants:

They have mistakenly or otherwise made a covenant with these powers, and these powers feel they belong to them.

4. Witches by force: the person does not want to be part of them or join them, but like an armed robber would force a person to do things, they force a person to become one.

5. The blind and unconscious witches.

According to him, these are the ones he feels sorry for the most. It means that you could be sitting down there and saying, "I bind every witchcraft power," but if you are an unconscious witch or a blind witch, they are going to give you an angry fight. They will bombard you with anger. Those blind and unconscious witches might have been initiated without their knowledge.

Finally, he said that It may be that they were careless with food, and they were initiated by food. It may be that they went to a place they were not supposed to go to. So they have been unconsciously put there. They are like a student who has registered at a school as a student, and paid the fees, but do not attend classes. So their name is in the school register, although they do not attend classes. So the blind and unconscious witches, wizards, and marine powers have their names in the register of darkness.

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