Unveiling The Mystery Of Tithing

•Tithing Brings Lifting.

•Tithing Brings Favour.

•Tithing Brings Helpers.

•Tithing Brings Flavour.

Unveiling The Mystery Of Tithing

•Tithing Brings Solution.

•Tithing Brings Increase.

•Tithing Brings Long-Life.

•Tithing Brings Elevation.

•Tithing Brings Blessings.

•Tithing Brings Protection.

•Tithing Brings Promotion.

•Tithing Brings Exemption.

•Tithing Brings Fruitfulness.

•Tithing Brings Open-Doors.

•Tithing Brings Testimonies.

•Tithing Brings Opportunity.

•Tithing Brings Open-Heaven.

•Tithing Brings Manifestation.

•Tithing Brings More Than Enough.

•Tithing Rebukes Pains.

•Tithing Rebukes Tears.

•Tithing Rebukes Shame.

•Tithing Rebukes Failure.

•Tithing Rebukes Labour.

•Tithing Rebukes Accident.

•Tithing Rebukes Devourer. 

•Tithing Rebukes Demotion.

•Tithing Rebukes Reproach.

•Tithing Rebukes Barrenness.

•Tithing Rebukes Stagnations.

•Tithing Rebukes Untimely Death.

•Tithing Rebukes Satanic Opposition.

•Tithing Rebukes Satanic Depression.

•Tithing Rebukes Satanic Oppression.

•Tithing Rebukes Promised And Failed.

•Tithing Brings God's Finger upon your Life.

•Tithing Brings God's Finger upon your Health.

•Tithing Brings God's Finger upon your Ministry.

•Tithing Brings God's Finger upon your Marriage.

•Tithing Brings God's Finger upon your Business.

Malachi 3:10-12


•Is not A Pastors Decision.

• Is not A Religious Doctrine.

•Is not A Religious Fulfilment.

• Is not A Pastors Prescriptions.

A covenant avenue to tap into supernatural abundance. 


Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

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