Stabbed 19 Times: I Sent Her To School, No Other Man Will Enjoy Her! See Pix Of Lady And Boyfriend

She was stabbed 19 times by her boyfriend after dumping him, look what forced him to stabbed her

This is the woman whose ex-boyfriend stabbed her 19 times after she broke up with him. The man says he paid for the woman's education and couldn't let another man take her away from him. They hurt their boyfriends, husbands, and parents, who helped pay for their education. They also hurt the communities and places where they grew up.

This happens a lot, and I always tell guys who want to take their girlfriends or young wives to school that they shouldn't. We have a problem in our black communities with people who feel like they belong to a certain class because they are educated.

Her parents didn't take care of her. It's a parent's job to pay for a child's education, not a boyfriend's. She used her boyfriend, which was a mistake. He's not the kind of guy who can be used. People will think she was innocent because of the tragedy, but she was not.

Steve Khomphela said, "When a man feels unappreciated, he feels betrayed, and any man who feels betrayed has a deep sense of pain." In South Africa, if you tell a girl you love her, she will lose her money, her job, and other things right away.

Stop giving money to women if you think it means you own them if you give them money or sponsor them.

If helping them makes you feel like you own them, don't help them, because you will never own a woman. She'll leave you if she wants to.

I don't agree with the part about stabbing, but we can't act like we don't know that women can sometimes take advantage of situations!

She can give you all kinds of promises just to use you as a stepping stone. I'd rather see a written agreement about the guy's possible compensation than see him get stabbed.

What do you call the women who take money from their boyfriends and make them think they will be with them forever?

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