Signs That Your Child Is Slowly Falling Into Depression

Signs That Your Child Is Slowly Falling Into Depression

Depression is a mood disorder that can cause sadness, irritation with small things, or feeling hopeless. Most people think that children don't go through depression but the reverse is true.

According to statistics over 17% of kids under the age of 3 to 18 years are depressed. In most cases parents or guardians take a long to notice it and it may lead to tragic consequences like suicide and drug abuse.

This disorder affects children a lot and it can interfere with how they interact with family and friends. It may also prevent them from enjoying school, sports, and other various activities they used to enjoy before. They might also get withdrawn and think that nobody loves or cares about them.

Mostly depression in kids is associated with anxiety. Anxiety is a medical condition that mainly causes fear, panic or worries about everyday activities. In critical conditions, it may lead to severe sweating and dizziness.

Parents should always look out for the following signs to know if their children are depressed:

Signs That Your Child Is Slowly Falling Into Depression
1. Behavioral problems in school.

You may find that your kid usually was very excited to go to school but suddenly he or she just wants to drop out. Some may even start being bullies or become very violent with others at school.

2. Changes in eating or sleeping habits.

Depression affects appetite and sleeping habits a lot. Many kids who are depressed always find it difficult to sleep. They may also start hating their favorite dish.

3. Feeling sad and hopeless.

As mentioned earlier depression comes with mood swings and you may find the child always sulking and isn't happy like before. The kid might also be feeling hopeless and find nothing he or she is doing right.

4. General tiredness.

When you're stressed out your body gets tired or weary. Similarly, in children, it's the case. If your child just wants to stay in bed and complains about being tired all the time it might be a case of depression.

These are just a few main signs of depression. To avoid this disorder it's important to shower your kids with love and affection all the time. Make them feel wanted and be their friend to who they can open up to when in trouble.

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