My Sorry To You Means...

Sorry Means!

By Bishop Pride Sibiya

Sorry means I know I did not do well

Sorry means, I should have known better to do better,

I should have been more mature than this

I should have acted better

Sorry means, please trust me again

Sorry means, I am vulnerable

Sorry means, I am bending

Sorry means, I humble myself

Sorry means, I decrease

Sorry means, cease-fire

Sorry means, may we have no more war

Sorry means, I am willing to reform

Sorry means, I am willing to restart the walk

Sorry means, I have heard you

Sorry means, I admit

Sorry means, I did wronged

Sorry means I have erred

Sorry means, may you please pardon me

Sorry means, I am asking for your indugence

Sorry means, please forgive me

Sorry means, embrace me again

Sorry means, can this end?

Sorry means, can we avert the fight?

Sorry means, can the rain stop, can the sun shine again, can the dark clouds go, can we see clearly now, can weakness go, can we be stronger now?

Sorry means love, it means "no"  to hatred, it means encroaching rage stops here!

Friends, to err is human, to forgive is divine!

Only humble people will say, sorry...only powerful people will forgive!

We all err, fewer say, sorry... very few forgive!

To all I have offended, my God, my wife, family, ministry, friends and relatives, I say, SORRY!

Bishop Apostle Pride Sibiya

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