Iwe! Une MaBlood Stains

Mukadzi aibuda ropa am sure aporeswa naJesu the stains were still there but she was healed.... Vakasangana naye after the miracle thought she still had the problem, but havana kuziva kuti those were just the blood stains, munana watoitika kare...

Iwe! Une MaBlood Stains

Baba vaJoseph when he was shown the coat with blood he cried vachifunga kuti mwana afa, havana kuziva kuti those were just blood stains, Joseph was on his way to the Egyptian palace - promotion yake yange yatotanga kare...

Vakaona ropa raJesu pamchinjikwa richiyerera went home without hope... vakaona ropa vakati zvapera... Havana kuziva kuti ropa richideuka, richiyerera salvation yaitoitika ipapo, Jesus was on His way to defeat death...

Pane vanoti vakakutarisa nhasi they still see the scars of the battles you have fought in your life... Vari kuona ropa vofunga kuti waparara, havasi kuziva kuti denga rakatenga nyaya yako nechekare... Ropa iroro is the sign of your victory... Yes, there is some blood stains but you are on your way to victory... All they see is just the blood stains but the VICTORY WAS WON ALREADY!! THEY SEE THE SCARS BUT ITS ALL IN THE PAST - YOU ARE NOW WALKING IN VICTORY!! SCARS ARE BADGES OF HONOUR!! SCARS ARE A SIGN TO THE DEVIL AND ALL YOUR HATERS THAT YOU OVERCAME!!


Apostle Pride Sibiya

Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

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