Aunty Cindy: 20 Red Flags In Relationships And What They Mean

Many times vanhu vanozochema vava mumamarriages asi ukavabvunza vanokuudza kuti I saw the red flags before. Here are a few, infact 20 red flags that you should never ignore ina relationship or else you will cry in your marriage:

1. Usabate phone yangu, handibatewo yako. (It's not that he respects your privacy no. The real issue is he would be cheating with several women because he doesn't love you. So he doesn't care who you talk to or what you do)

Aunty Cindy: 20 Red Flags In Relationships And What They Mean

2. Zuva haripere asina kumbotaura zvekurarana.( Ari kuda bedroom theatrics chete uyu not you).

3. He begins replying to your chats after so many hours iwe uchinyatsoziva kuti haasi doctor anenge ari musurgery or lawyer anenge ari mucourt. Chero lawyer kana chiremba vacho vakawana mukana vakazoti, "hi babe" wani. (Kune kunenge kwakunakidza)

4. Haabvunzi amai or mwana wako. (Disaster)

5. Ukarwara he doesn't call or come see you. He just texts chete. (Hauna kukosha)

6. Too stingy ( No man is stingy. Murume wese ane wake waanopa)

7. Anotuka vulgar (No respect)

8. He has actually cheated (Red hot flag but some of you carry on. Shame)

9. Doesn't go to any church ( Hamuna common denominator yekudzoredzera. Marriage inodawo kuti munhu atye kunzi ndakumbonotsvagawo rubatsiro kusangano or kuti Mwari anotii) 

10.  Drinks too much beer ( Is a prodigal)

11. In every Facebook group ( Immaturity and vanity)

12. Never says sorry ( Arrogant and thinks vakadzi maobjects)

13. One year into the relationship, no intros even to one auntie. No status. No profile picture. (You are dicing with your heart)

14. Doesn't even comment you not even one day kuti bvudzi rako rakanaka, nzara dziri neat, **** rako riri round, etc. ( This is really a big red flag. Shows a state of mind)

15. Never talks about a project or investment. (Poor mind)

16. Always interjects when you disagree. ( Doesn't respect your views)

17. Has beaten you or threatened to beat you. ( Drop)

18. Haadi kutaura nezvamaweakness ake in a mature way. ( Inferiority. This will haunt you)

19. Insecure/Too jealous. ( Potential abuser)

20. Give me one last one tinzwe...............

Aunty Cindy

Musi wesvondo tese kuchurch!

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