"Waita Number Ani?" Notes On Positive Parenting!

Notes On Positive Parenting - Wakaita number Ani?

" Hello mhamha Terrence azvisungirira," this was a call from a maid, the boy had performed dismally and it did not go well with the dad. He smashed the boy's iPhone and destroyed his laptop and FIFA computer set.

The boy became hopeless and could not face life, luckily he send a goodbye message to his girlfriend. *meet you in heaven*. The girl then called the parents asking if all was well, they asked the maid who was home to check in the boy's room. 
"Waita Number Ani?" Notes On Positive Parenting
He had locked himself, they broke in, and Halas, he was hanging by a rope, thank God he survived by a whisker.

Basd on a true story I personally attend to.

We all know the pressure that it brings to our learners when everyone is curious to know how they performed in school. With the third term coming to a close, reports are very important because they reflect the future of the child.

Let me share

What should Not Be Done:

1. Don't label your child to be a failure ( uri dofo remunhu), understand that failing mathematics is not failing in life. Avoid labeling your child as a failure, this kills their dreams and visions.

2. Don't tell your kids that they are wasting your money, (ukutambisa Mari yangu, Dai ndakatonwa zvangu doro)

  •  This puts your child in a regretful and depressing mood, they will see themselves as the cause of financial challenges in the house.

3. Do not compare your child, to other siblings, students, or kids from church or neighborhood. Your child is a unique child. No one wants to be compared to others. Imagine if your wife or husband compares you to other wives or husbands, how does that make you feel, so please before we do anything let's get into the child's shoes.

4. Do not use school work as punishment ( this holiday you not going anywhere, no playing, unenge uri mumba ichiita zve chikoro, or ukutopedza holiday uri Kuma extra lessons)

5. Understand as a parent that not all children are academically gifted, a fish cannot fly and a bird cannot swim. So if a fish fails to fly we need to get it into the water and then you will see it's loaded with skill. When we were in school there were students called Maja bhora, these guys would struggle to write their names but would win accolades for the school through sports.

No one is a failure.

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Musi wesvondo tese kuchurch!

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