The Road To Success!

The Road to Success passes through the valley of the shadow of death.

In 1998, when I travelled to the village for the first time, there was a pathway that led from my village to the next village, like a distance of 5 poles.

The Road To Success! 

Passing through this pathway was one of the scariest things then to me, The light fades as you enter the path covered with long trees and overshadowing bushes, turning into a strange dark and quiet place, the sounds have all but vanished.  you barely hear the sound of things moving, and you feel as if everything is watching you.

This particular day, I need to cross this path to go eat market day rice in my Auntie's house, the thought of passing through that valley tormented me, but the feeling and hunger for rice didn't allow me to stay put, I have to brace it. 

I ran past the path with my heart in my hand, and at the end of the tunnel path, I meet people discussing, at last, I won.

The rice meant for you is on the other path of life, you must brace the courage to pass through your valley.

In that valley, you see and experience things that are meant to make you strong and prepare you to manage success on the other side.

At the valley, you learn to be bold, you learn to be smart, you learn to be disciplined, you learn diligence and the tough skin to handle life.

This is a phase everybody must pass through, it's a process built into your success. You can't skip it.

You can't skip it, skipping this process is like avoiding discipline, avoiding diligence and boldness.

This Valley of Death comes in different ways and shades to different people.

You might be passing through yours now, pass it as a necessity to your success, some are about to enter, some are almost at the end of their valley.

Be strong.

It is at the valley of death that God prepares a table before you.

No valley, no table.

Cheerfulness is the antidote to this valley, go through it with all sense of joy and delight, for at the end is your breakthrough.


prince Amaechi

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