Letter To Husbands: Many Women Are Dying In Silence

Letter To Husbands: Many Women Are Dying In Silence 

Many women suffer and die in silence while carrying out their wifely responsibilities because they are emotionally vulnerable and secretive, two traits that are considered undesirable. The circumstances described above could even be happening to your wife right now.

It will be up to you to notice when she breaks down and mend it. Women who are too critical, withdrawn, or angry at their children for the smallest infractions may be fighting demons you are not aware of.

A true man must be able to recognize his wife's needs and should not stand by as she disintegrates, but should instead take action to restore her to her former state of contentment.

If you see that your wife is unraveling or being consumed by any outside force, I will tell you what you can do to help her:


While she may suspect that you are the worm eating her alive from the inside, she may be too afraid of upsetting you or disturbing the quiet in the house to tell you the truth. Therefore, you need to cool down, pet her, and kindly inquire as to what is wrong.

Be patient; she may not answer right away; many women want to be prodded before they open up. This isn't because they enjoy a challenge, but rather because they want to test your commitment before committing to a relationship with you.


Husbands often have no idea how much their wives actually accomplish on a daily basis, and this is what ultimately leads to their deaths. Whether she's at home or at the office, you should know what she's up to while she's not working. It's possible that her regular responsibilities have been too much for her to handle.


Never in your wildest dreams could you fathom how much work it requires to be a housewife. There will be times when you want to take your wife and all she has done for you for granted. Take into account and value her wants and requirements. You're killing her without even realizing it by refusing to recognize her efforts.

4, Take Part Involvingly

Gratitude is important, but so is making an effort to participate. Do not wait for your wife to reach her breaking point before you start doing simple household chores together. When men agree to help their wives with mundane tasks, they get major points in the eyes of the female species.


And especially when you know she is feeling low and you act more like a lover or friend to her. Let her feel your physicality and your presence by holding her hands, placing your arms over her shoulder and patting her back, or putting your hand on her lap. Even if you don't say a word, just being there will help her heal and calm down.


It's not always necessary for a male to offer advice or a solution to a woman's problem; sometimes all she needs is someone to listen to everything she has to say. A lot of the time they don't even want your help. Just be quiet and listen; they need someone to talk to, even if you think what they're saying is utter rubbish. They have someone they can trust and share their deepest thoughts with.

Men are notorious for being good talkers but poor listeners. Each and every one of us needs a man who will actually hear us out. Some wives prefer sharing their concerns with their pastor rather than their husbands because they know their pastor will always be there to listen. If your wife is unable to see this side of you, it's a major red flag.

Due to the fact that they are the source of so much positivity and solace for so many women, this is a common pitfall for many pastors.

Provide an outlet for your wife to share her thoughts and concerns. Affect care and interest by listening carefully and asking pertinent questions. There's no need for her to go out and meet new people if she can find someone like that in you.

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Letter To Husbands: Many Women Are Dying In Silence 
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