Five Feminine Behaviors That Scare Men Off That Many Ladies Don't Know

Most men don't like it when women act too bossy. Most guys like bossy women because they don't think they're cheap, but being too bossy catches them off guard. Men don't want to have someone come into their lives and tell them what to do all the time. In a relationship, both people should be willing to give and take.

Five Feminine Behaviors That Scare Men Off That Many Ladies Don't Know

Most women are willing to try to get a man's attention because they find it attractive. They spend more of their money on designer clothes, shoes, and bags so that men will find them more attractive. I must say that's a good habit. All of this will make you the kind of classy girl every guy wants to be with, but if no guy is coming up to you, there are some girly things you need to stop doing right away.

Also, most men don't like it when women are always there for them. This really turns me off, and I guess most guys feel the same way. No man would want to be with a cheap and rude woman, but he would want to be with a woman with morals. A woman who gets things done and can do things on her own. As a lady, you should have your own life and not just hang out with your boyfriend.

Men nowadays don't like being with women who are too possessive. When they realize you are too protective and possessive, you become their biggest obstacle. As a woman, you need to give your man some space so that he can clear his head and think straight. He's always known that he's an adult and can tell right from wrong.

I tend not to get involved with women who text me a lot. Most guys find it not only annoying but also dull. If you want to keep your man, don't text him too much as a woman. He usually wonders if you don't have anything interesting going on in your life.

Moving too quickly after meeting a guy is another thing that most women find scary about women. Even if you like the guy, it's better to take things slowly than to try to hurry things along.

Thank you. Honey will tell you more.

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