Chengeta Chikwama ChaBaba...Usakundwe neChaunogarira: Fornication Explained

Chengeta Chikwama ChaBaba...Usakundwe neChaunogarira

What is fornication?

For some of us who are unfamiliar with this concept. The original word is porneia. It means: improper

sex*al conduct between people not married to one another. This includes:

-intimate s*xual activity or play

-intimately touching of intimate parts


-exposure of privates in a way that will arouse emotions that may not be righteously satisfied (1 Thess 4:3-7)

Chengeta Chikwama ChaBaba...Usakundwe neChaunogarira: Fornication Explained

The word porn is derived from porneia as you may have seen. Porn is fornication, "thou shall not uncover the nakedness of..."(Lev 18:6-30, 20:11-21, 1 Cor 6:18). Be careful of your social media.

Finally, The Encyclopaedia of Sex work says that se* work includes: phone se*, porn, and pornography, stripping, erotic dancing, se*ting, geisha, dancehall girls Vanangu be pure, lift up holy hands to God!

God forgives! May fornication be not named amongst this generation...the generation of them that seek the Lord. If you are having challenges, inbox and talk to me and mama.

The Bible is Still God's Word and God's standards of purity have not changed. Se* before marriage is not just se* it is a sin, it is adultery, it is fornication!

Apostle Pride Sibiya (off my book Lets Talk About Se* Babe)

Musi wesvondo tese kuchurch!

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