7 Ways To Say, "I Love You" Without Saying A Word!

The words are superfluous.

A visual guide to professing your love when words just aren't enough (penstrokes)

The adage "there's more than one way to skin a cat" applies in this situation. There is no need for words when you adore someone.

Think about using these nonverbal expressions instead of "I love you":

Be of service to them first.

Dinner is being prepared by two folks who are clearly enjoying themselves.

7 Ways To Say, "I Love You" Without Saying A Word!

When words fall short, actions speak louder than words. Helping your spouse out when they need it is a surefire method to demonstrate your love for them in an unconscious way.

Do you have that one person who always caves in order to help you? They only want to show you how much they care by doing this. If they choose to miss the family reunion so they may attend your graduation, that is true love

(3) Bear-hug the person.


This hug is distinct from all others. That one incredibly close hug is relaxing and pleasant. The way someone embraces you might reveal a lot about their emotional state.

4 Participate in the discussion by paying attention.

It is difficult when you want someone to listen to you but they are absorbed in their phone. Being a good listener is a wonderful verbal substitute for loving. Spend some time truly hearing what they have to say.

Give them your time.

You would sacrifice anything for the one you love the most. There are times when you must prioritize her over your boys.

6. Present them with a gift.

The Best Seven Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Giving gifts is a common way for people to express their love. Giving gifts to your lover is a wonderful method to express your love for them if that is their love language.

7. Express sincere gratitude to them.

Male or female, everyone values a good compliment. It's a major plus to have a partner who is great with kids, so if you believe your

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