7 Signs Of Male Insecurity That Turns Women Of

The majority of insecure guys don't even realize they are acting insecurely, and those that do are often far too ashamed to confess it.

A man who is extremely insecure may begin to control his partner's behavior, limit her freedom, and even engage in abusive behavior. Following that, here are seven male insecurity red flags for women.

7 Signs Of Male Insecurity That Turns Women Of
1. He avoids making eye contact. Men who lack confidence have a hard time establishing eye contact with anyone. They get so nervous just thinking about looking someone in the eyes that they start to sweat and get fidgety in a relationship.

In an argument or heated discussion, an insecure man will avoid confrontation. He may also avoid looking at his partner while eating or making love.

Because he is afraid that his insecurities will be exposed, an insecure man may avoid looking people in the eyes.

2. He gets jealous. A jealous man becomes envious whenever a woman spends even a little time with her friends, including her female friends. He dislikes it when she meets coworkers after work.

He forbids her from going shopping with her girlfriends and forbids her from being friends with any other man. He is always complaining about how a woman does not give him enough time or priority.

He regularly checks in on her via texts or phone calls when they are apart to find out where she is.

When a woman feels like she can't do anything with her friends without upsetting him, she may initially feel special and wanted as a result of his constant attention. However, after some time, she may start to feel irritated by his possessiveness.

3. He falls in love far too quickly. Insecure men frequently confuse their unhealthy attachment with love. He declares his love for a woman far too early in the relationship.

It takes time to get to know someone well enough to fall in love, but he usually does this to get her to stay.

And it should raise a red flag if a guy tells a girl he loves her right away, especially if he coerces her into saying it back to him.

4. He is always seeking validation.

Men who are emotionally stable do not require constant affirmation from their partners. But an insecure man always looks for approval.

He asks questions like, "Do you love me?" on a regular basis.

How devoted are you to me? Are you attracted to me? In essence, he constantly seeks out compliments and affirmations of positivity, usually as a result of his low self-esteem.

5. His mood depends on his partner. It’s being sensitive to your partner's moods is normal and a good thing, but for an insecure man, his mood will be entirely reliant on his partner.

He will be in a good mood if a woman is joyful and loving toward him.

He will feel depressed and sad if she is stressed out, juggling a thousand things, and doesn't have time to reassure him that she loves him constantly.

She is under tremendous pressure from his codependent behavior to always maintain a positive attitude so he doesn't feel down.

6. He frequently looks at her on social media. An insecure man peruses every social media post made by a woman. anything and everything. He wants to be aware of her every move, which is the reason behind it.

He makes certain everyone sees his comments on posts. He will also inform her right away if she publishes something he doesn't like.

Although most men engage in social media communication with their partners, women may become annoyed if a man makes frequent comments and likes examining a woman's friend list and enquiring about the people she speaks with. Clearly, he is insecure because of this.

7. As a tool, he makes use of previous connections. The tendency of an insecure man to see himself as a victim is common.

He still holds the belief despite having nothing flattering to say about his ex-partners.

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