Killing Your Spouse's Confidence: Stop These NOW!



What is the worst that could happen to a wife who is coming from having her hair done? A hubby who won't notice or comment.

Killing Your Spouse's Confidence: Stop These NOW!

I did that the other day and that almost triggered World War 3 . You lose nothing by commenting and of course, you will lose all by not commenting, If you know what I meanšŸ¤£. A simple comment can open a "world of wonders" for you. Be the first one to notice any changes, improvements etc.

Not commenting is interpreted as not liking. We sometimes pass on negative comments even in our quietness. Imagine Facebook without the "like" icon, Hazvibude! It will be boring! We all post stuff on Facebook hoping for loads of Likes. So please activate the "Like " Icon in your marriage. Be the first one to "Like"  her new hair-do!


My wife is currently sporting beautiful "Buns" so I commented by saying " this is nice, MaBuns akaenda kuPrivate School". Needless to say, she has been "open for Business" since that comment.

The next time she is spotting a new hair-do please notice and comment.

The biggest tragedy, of course, is commenting about another woman's hair-do, style, cooking, etc and not doing the same with your wife.


1. Telling your hubby that he is failing to provide. Surely you can't vote for ANC and complain that they are not managing the economy well . Stick with your choice, Touch is a move! Appreciate the little he is doing. He is trying, it's the economy veduwe!

3. Saying " I wish I had married someone else" Wishes are not horses so you will never ride them! Ask the woman who eventually married him she is also wishing she had married someone else.

4. Comparing him with other men. Some people should have been Idols, and judges, alongside Somizi. Judge not lest you be judged also!

5. That he is not good in bed. Who are u comparing him to ? that will definitely murder his confidence.

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