The Prayer That Saved My Marriage

Things changed in my marriage when I prayed...

"Lord, keep me from turning my spouse into an idol. In as much as I love my spouse, You are my God, You come first.

Lord, teach me to see my spouse the way You do. Keep me from holding on to prejudice, fixed notions, and stereotypes against my spouse.

Lord, before I see the speck in my spouse's eye, let me see the log in mine. As I notice the flaws in my spouse, let me see the flaws in me.

The Prayer That Saved My Marriage
The Prayer That Saved My Marriage

Lord, thank You for the thorn in my flesh, my weaknesses, the areas where I struggle that reminds me that just like my spouse, I too need grace. Keep me humble.

Lord, help me to grow in the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility, and self-control. Only then will I love my spouse right.

Lord, keep me from grumbling and complaining. Teach me to be thankful for the work You are doing for my spouse. You who started a good work will be faithful to complete it. I will not fight the testimony You are shaping in my spouse.

Lord, remind me that ministry begins at home. Before I go out there to be a blessing to others, let me be a blessing first to my spouse and children.

Lord, You gave us our children to be stewards of them. Let us not expose them to trauma. It will be a shame if they grow to witness us two on bad terms.

Lord, Your word says 'Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God. I am Your child. Let my spouse find me peaceful and easy to resolve conflicts with.

Lord, marriages are perishing due to a lack of knowledge. Fill my spouse and me with wisdom so that we may know how to navigate such a blessed union.

Lord, we reject the notion that marriage is a scam. Our marriage will flourish and have Your image oh Lord. You are a real God, not a scam.

Lord, give unity to my spouse and I. Where there is unity, You command Your blessings. Command Your blessings in our marriage.

Lord, if there is any scheme in the spiritual realm against my spouse or I, I break it in the name of Jesus. We wrestle not against flesh and blood. My spouse and I will not be tormented or frustrated.

Lord, do not change my spouse to how I want my spouse to change; mold my spouse to how You please. I will not dictate how and when You move in my spouse.

Lord, let my spouse see You in me. Increase in me as I decrease.

Lord, we break any generational patterns and strongholds from our lineage. We will not export into our marriage distortions from our parents, grandparents, ancestors, and relatives. Any dysfunction in our family tree ends with us.

Lord, reveal to me the challenges that my spouse goes through and use me as a vessel to guide you to solutions. Keep me from reacting to the symptoms, and help me to see the root cause.

Lord, give me discernment. I will not steer my marriage with my insecurities, fear, gossip, outside opinions, or what is in fashion. Let us be sensitive to Your spirit.

Lord, teach me to satisfy my spouse sexually. Great intimacy is our portion. We will not struggle to be faithful, we will enjoy giving and receiving pleasure.

Lord, activate our power to create wealth. Bless the work of our hands, financial wealth will flow in our home and we will be a blessing to Your Kingdom and Your purpose.

Lord, keep us from grieving the Holy Spirit. May we accept Help from You oh Helper; knowing that in the end, we will give an account to You"

© Akello Oliech and Dayan Masinde

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