The Best Stage Of A Relationship


A good and successful relationship is one that survives the stages of a relationship. 

The three stages of a relationship are;

1. When Opposite Attract

2. When Opposite Frustrate

3. When Opposite Exchange

The Best Stage Of A Relationship


 Opposite genuinely attracts beginning from the genders and other things. The attraction of someone's peculiarity and special features intrigues us in terms of looks, intelligence, character, joviality, and quietness. It likely draws people who are void of it closer than someone who don't.  A loud and outspoken person(an extrovert) attracts a quiet person.  An indoor person often attracts an outdoor and outgoing person. Someone full of humor will attract someone who keeps things serious. Our opposites attract to complement what we don't have. That's the common route to starting most relationships, friendships, and dates.


 The familiarity they say brings contempt. This stage is where partners complain about what they once liked and cherished. What one time attracted you have begun to frustrate you. It's the delicate part of the relationship. It's where our realities become obvious. This is the stage where personalities are tested and proven. Our love and maturity are tested in this stage. This stage is where many people have breakups and divorces because they can't manage each other's flaws and character. You like him gentle now he is too gentle to your liken, too gentle to speak out where you feel he should. You like him as outgoing but now you see him as a person who goes out without coming home early or showing you care. She is always indoors now you see her as not doing something purposeful. What you liked is turned into hatred.  At this stage, the offense is picked more often about what was once liked than what wasn't. Sometimes we pick offense to complain about what the person does not have in hatred of what s/he has. We get fed up with just one or two things that attracted us together. Our opposites are now frustrating us. This is where and what breaks relationships.


 This is the last, most beautiful, and best stage of a relationship. Unfortunately, many relationships don't get to this stage.   A relationship that passes the frustrated stage will experience this stage. It's the stage both partners manage their indifference and character flaws.    

In this stage, qualities of a good relationship like sacrifice, true love, communication, responsibility, trust respect, and submission remain perpetual acts in the two.

The two people would complement each other's individual needs. Where one is weak, the other supports their weakness with strength. This is where exchanges take place. When S/he is not organized, you help to get organized. For example, in a family, a father brings judgment and the mother brings mercy. That's the exchange! This stage needs effort, willingness, and real love to manage the relationship successfully.  These acts of exchange are what make it work. 

When we say, "No relationship is perfect" it means no relationship got it all, that all relationships require work to make look perfect. This work is through undying love, effort, and willingness to keep the relationship going. That's how a relationship survives. That's how relationships become successful!


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