Stay Away From Your Ex!


If the woman you want to marry is still in touch with her EX BOYFRIEND, then it's a clear sign that she might not be the one for you and it's another sign that she is not yet ready for marriage. A woman who is ready to get married cuts all ties with her EX-boyfriends because of the respect she has for you and the relationship you are building up for marriage.

Stay Away From Your Ex!

An EX boyfriend is one dangerous person you don't want near your woman especially if you want to marry her. If she can't let her EX go for good, then she is not the one for you, better find another woman who is ready for marriage. You don't want to be chasing and fighting with her EX-boyfriends in marriage, it takes away your peace, joy, and trust so you better find a woman who is ready for marriage and willing to cut all ties with her ex-lovers.

This applies to Ladies also, if the man you are dating is still in touch with his EX and not willing to cut ties with her, just let him go, he doesn't value your relationship that much or respect you as his current girlfriend he wants to marry.

Dinneck Wieslaw Mupiwa

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