Ngwarira Muromo!

 The only part of the body which can easily spoil the whole body is the mouth. Whenever people engage in a fight, 80% of the causes of that fight will be the mouth.

If not properly used muromo unorovesa muviri wese. I have dug deep and discovered that a mouth can operate independently from the brains.

Ngwarira Muromo!

There can easily be a disconnection between the mouth and the brains. I wondered why God put the mouth so close to the brains. He new the implications of the disconnection of those two.

Pane pekuti munhu anozosara obata muromo atotaura zvisiingaite. That's a clear indication of a disconnection of the mouth and the brains. Wiring inenge yatsva pakutoda Jesu.

Kwanzi tikatora benzi torishambidza toripfekedza suit roramba haro rakanyarara. Ndiani angazviona kuti ibenzi kana rikasataura? Hapana.

 Newewo hupenzi hwako hunobuda pamhando yemazwi anobuda mumuromo. Before we speak, everyone is considered intelligent. We are all professors before we speak. 

Your character and incompetence is noted from the type of words from your mouth.

Never allow your mouth to operate independently. Teach it to take information from the brains. 

Before you speak, have a system of sending all words to the brain for screening. 

Kutaurisa hakusi iko kungwara. Intelligence is not in the quantity of words but its in the quality.

 Some people are divorced today not because of adultery nor unfaithfulness, but because of improper use of this so called mouth.

Switch yekunyaradza muromo ikafa muviri wese inopinda dambudziko. 

May the Good Lord re connect your mouth to your brains.

May your speech be well thought out, be the proffessor you are.

God leading, all of us may be the smartest people if we train our mouths.speak hope to the hopeless.

Speak faith to the faithless

Speak peace to the warring parties

I dedicate my mouth to Jesus.

Bishop Pride Sibiya.

Musi wesvondo tese kuchurch!

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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