Kingdom Husbands! Sekuru Mbambamba: Listen

Kingdom Husbands! Listen

Can I teach a little bit about a Kingdom husband...

Kingdom Husbands - They are extraordinary husbands; they are what God wants them to be as a husband. They know that their God is to be feared and worshipped, their wives are to be loved and their children are to be catered for. They are “real men”, men indeed; they are the SUNSHINE in the life of their wives and children.

- They are men of integrity: - They mean what they say; and say what they mean

- They do pray with and for their wives.

Kingdom Husbands! Sekuru Mbambamba: Listen

- They are faithful, loving, and caring.

- They cherish and nourish their wives.

- They have to host i.e. they do listen to the suggestion of their wives.

- They are good communicators.

- Apologize easily, forgive quickly.

- They lead their homes with wisdom

- They never retaliate, they rather reconcile.

- They do speak the truth in love.

- They provide for their family (1 Tim. 5:8)

- They stay in the same room with their wives.

- They “leave” their parent and cleave to their wives.

- Their wives know how much they are earning.

- They are actively involved in childbearing, rearing, discipline, and parenting.

- They have ultimate respect for their wives.

- They do support their wives in the kitchen.

- They are close to their wives, full of honor and they do play with their wives.

- They are skillful in the bedroom; meeting their wives' bedroom needs.

Kingdom husbands are not common but God can make you have one of them, or make one of them - turning your home into a place to be... I PRAY THAT EVERY WOMAN ON THIS PAGE WILL BE BLESSED BY SUCH A WONDERFUL HUSBAND... AND EVERY MAN ON THIS PAGE WILL FIGHT TO BECOME ONE... I SPEAK PEACE INTO YOUR MARRIAGES AND RELATIONSHIP IN JESUS NAME.

Musi wesvondo tese kuchurch!

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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