If You Want Deliverance Read This!

This year, 2022, marks the beginning of my 27th year in Christian ministry, the better part of which I have been dealing with deliverance.

Today am here to help open your eyes as you start on your personal or cooperate journey to complete deliverance by God, through Jesus Christ by His Holy Spirit.

Are you ready?

Do you know of a family history that could have opened doors to demonic spirits? People killed, juju, magic, adultery, sicknesses et.al? This is to 4 generations above you: your father/mother, their parents, parents of their parents, and those who bore them...Law of 4th generation.

If You Want Deliverance Read This!

Who named you? Why that name? What does it mean? Is it someone's name in the family? What is their spiritual life like?

Have you ever been in a personal physical or verbal fight with a man/woman of God or even of Satan?

Has anyone ever pronounced a curse on you like, "you will never prosper,"  or be married?

Have you visited witch doctors or any shrine for solutions? What did they say and what did you participate in?

Have you participated in juju, witchcraft, Satanism, black/white magic, or worshipped God's not associated with Jesus Christ?

Do you participate in ungodly traditional practices like bringing back the spirits of the dead, consulting the dead, brewing beer for the dead, and necromancy in general? Do you send your money for such ceremonies?

Have you participated in the water world, celebrating water spirits like mermaids?

Have you participated in nasty sex habits? Same sex-unions, group sex, anal sex, porn, cheating et.al.

Did you receive any marks on your body or did anything that involves any human or animal blood?

What chants did you participate in?

Did you burn anything or participate in inhaling smoke or speaking to the smoke?

Do you let anyone touch your head or belly in prayer or allow different people to lay hands on you in prayer?

Do you have evil dreams that are extremely real and seem to change the cause of your life, health, wealth, and destiny?

Do you have people you hate, are bitter with, or would rather die?

Let us start here! 


Bishop Apostle Pride Sibiya

Musi wesvondo tese kuchurch!

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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