Confessions: Ndakaromba KuChipinge

Ndakanoromba kuChipinge’ In a shocking revelation, a 14-year-old ‘young mbinga’ confessed to having gone to Chipinge and acquired juju power to become wealthy (kunoromba).

Tadiwa Nyamandindi who is a street kid, staying around Joina City in Harare CBD, says he went alone to Chipinge in search of the witch doctor who performed the ritual for him to acquire wealth.

Even the way he dresses you won’t believe he is a street kid.

On his first day after performing the ritual, Tawanda tells Saint Tv presenters that he woke up and found US$500 beside him appearing from nowhere.

He went on and spoiled fellow street kids, clubbing and eating their hearts out, he said.

Tadiwa reportedly ran away from home because of poverty.

“Things were tough back home, I used to sleep on an empty stomach”, he says.

Now he is boasting that he will sell his soul for the last time.

“I went to a Sangoma in Chipinge who gave me juju that if I use it today I wake up with loads of money,

“Three days ago I woke up with US$300 in my pocket in new 20-dollar notes,” he continues.

“I will be going to Chipinge this coming Saturday and I will sell my soul. then I will acquire many cars and houses. The witch doctor told me that this sacrifice will allow me to live up to 44 years only”, he said.

Bishop's Word: Ladies and gentlemen only the blessing of the Lord makes one to be rich with no additives of sorrow and regret(Proverbs 10:22). I wish to encourage people out there to follow the principles of God rather than follow darks ways to wealth. The devil has no free gift and will offer you anything in exchange for your soul because he knows it costs more than anything. 

Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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Confessions: Ndakaromba KuChipinge

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