Apostle Sibiya Grilled Through Personal Questions Online And Responds On Birthday.

Happy 44th Birthday: Apostle Sibiya Grilled Through Personal Questions Online And Responds.

Where did you receive the calling to do the work of the Lord and how old where you at tht time

I was sitted at the back seat of a bus with my sister and she just saw me kneel and pray in the bus there therafter sing, "Baba Wedu Makazviita" a Methodist hymn after I just aheard a voice from nowhere saying, Sibiya unofanira kundinamata!

How are you apostle?How long have been in marriage.And what is the secret of having a peaceful marriage?

This year is my 18th on 25 September. Not sure if it's a secret but respecting one another and valuing each others' views and opinions without destructive criticisms

Happy birthday Sir. What is the greatest life lesson you have learnt from your own experience so far?

you need me. I need you. Umunthu ngumuntu ngabantu, usadadire munhu, he/she carries your breakthrough from God

Apostle Sibiya Grilled Through Personal Questions Online And Responds On Birthday.

Happy birthday to you man of God
How is your praying routine?
How often do you pray.. How do you go about it.

These days am not as "prayerful" as I used to be. Back then we'd do 16 hours prayer nonstop but now with a large ministry, family and business the routine has changed. Such long hours come only at designated seasons. I wake up into His presence then try to just be praying as ai go about what I do. In a day I also send many 30 sec or so prayers apart from whispers and other smaller scheduled ones. My life is a life of prayer but not always on my knees physically! I close my day in His presence

Happy Birthday Apostle. What was you biggest challenge in your marriage? How did u overcome it?.

The opening days of our marriage we discovered we were two different people with different worldviews. We didn't know how to live with each other. We'd never had pre-marriage counseling so we thought we cannot manage one another! Marital covering, counsel and mentoring by spiritual parents and many servants of God that spoke to us.

Happy birthday my father my father wish you plenty more blessed years to come if not for you i would have been still lost in the wilderness you never gave up on me. I remember when you used to pass by Our gate you'd say Mo ukauya ku church ndikuku tengera chicken inn  it's like you knew that this daughter of yours loves food a lot. You managed to get into me then i started following my sisters to church even when i used to backside you always called me your daughter with so much love. i could write a book about how great you're may the Lord continue to guide and bless you as he continue to use you.

Happy birthday Apostle and many more. How do you balance leadership and family?

I try too. I'm not 100% but I try to keep to God first, my wife and kids second, ministry third then the rest in that order!
Have answered this before but in short I am still in the journey to do so. What I have managed to do is to prioritize like this in order of importance:
1. God
2. My wife
3 Family
4. Ministry
5 Others

Apostle Sibiya Grilled Through Personal Questions Online And Responds On Birthday.

Happy belated Apostle.....Qsn...how do u overcome challenges in yo life (fr instance yu had a misunderstanding with mama in the morning and u supposed to preach the sane day )

Thanks. When you get to be mature and trust one another you know that the disagreement is difference in our opinions not us!

When we stand to do God's work its not out of selfish carnality therefore we stand together to accomplish what God wants tozonopedzisa nyaya yedu.

Do you have any other question?

Musi wesvondo tese kuchurch!

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