Wow! What A Response From Bishop: My Wife Is Not Romantic!

Hello apostle. I have a problem that I would like your assistance on how I can handle it.

Mudzimai wangu is not romantic and ane kahunhu kekungove rough rough. She is not sweet, haakwanise kutaurawo nemazwi anotapira, and handitozivi kuti akagumisira rinhi kundiudzaow mashoko ekuti "I love you"; "I miss you". Ndikasatomuudza ini, haatombomataure. 

Even when it comes to sex, haatokwanise kuinitiator the act. It is always me, and patinopedza mutambo pacho anotongobva afuratira otorara hake. She cannot even come sleep close to me takacuddler. She can't even be intimate with me. Ndikasatozvitanga ndiri ini haatombozvikwanise izvozvo and it really disturbs me a lot. 

Wow! What A Response From Bishop: My Wife Is Not Romantic!

Sometimes I feel like ndini mukadzi mumarriage yedu because I am the one who craves and cries for intimacy and affection asi ndinoziva vakadzi vari ivo vanenge vatori pamberi craving for intimacy from us their husbands.

I really love my wife but zvimwe zvinhu zvaanoita zvinondidisturber zvisingaite. I try to let her know and tell her zvishuwo zvangu but it seems as if she is ignorant to want to adjust. Sometimes I feel as if ndakumunetsa. we can go for weeks without sex and the most disturbing part of it is that iye she never seems to be bothered nazvo. Sometimes its as if anenge akagarwa nemweya wechirume maari. I just dont know ...

I don't want to go and have an extramarital affair but I feel that at times, the attitude and behavior inhibited by my wife might end up pushing me to the extremes.

Ndinokumbirawo kuwana rubatsiro panhau yangu iyi.

Thank you.

Bishop's Response:

Thanks for asking, you are such a brave and courageous man, many of us will never ask, and that is why we are killing ourselves. Listen to me:

1. We all have different love languages. For you it is touch, for her you'll have to find what her love language is...maybe receiving gifts or something else. To understand read this:

2. Talk to her about what she prefers when it comes to bedroom games. If men keep having it and vakadzi vasingazosvike they tend to hate sex, sometimes no sex is better than bad sex! Click and read How to help her orgasm:

Also read:

3. Men reach their sexual peak earlier in life than women. Manetsero aurikuita iwayo achazodzoka kwauri kana asvika papeak maybe after 35 years of age.

4. Temperaments also differ with people including their need for sex, there may be a need for compromise between the two of you.

5. Check your diet. there are foods which help boost se*ual desire than others. Get your wife these foods

Also check for you:

6.  Go for deliverance and prayer, this may be very spiritual. Read this:

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