Must Read: This Is What True Love Is All About

Have you ever realized that we all know what love is until we are asked what it is? Stop and ponder! What is love? Probably to get a picture of what love is, let us start by checking what love or loving your partner is not.

A black eye is not love,

A broken rib is not love,

A broken tooth is not love,

Being left in crutches is not love,

Being revived in a hospital bed is not love,

This is abuse not love.

Must Read: This Is What True Love Is All About

Being told you are fat is not love, compliments on her strengths is!

Being told you are too skinny is not love, appreciating her is!

Being ignored is not love, progressive dialogue is!

Being used for money is not love, taking care of her is!

To love means: to care for, to find irresistible, to worship, to adore, and to feel for. Love is kind, it is self-control, it is restraining, it seeks after your partner's good, it does not harm its objects, and it protects.

Guys, love shouldn't hurt! Love is not supposed to kill you internally and/or externally. Love does not kill your confidence. Love does not tell you that you will not get someone better than me if you leave me, papa. That's not love. Love does not leave you in a coffin mama. Wake up! 

Must Read: This Is What True Love Is All About

As a pastor, I totally condemn violence of any kind for whatsoever reason! 

Dialogue is the best, raise your hand to love not to beat.  There is, absolutely, no justification for beating the ones we love. If you see that you are in the heat of the moment just PAUSE-WALK AWAY-CALL 08 080 117 or send a Whatsapp message to 0782 486 559. My message to the community is that when you see signs of abuse or violence please speak out, call 08 080 117.

Issues of domestic violence against women are on the rise in Zimbabwe with 1 in every 2 women reporting having experienced emotional, physical, or sexual abuse from a current or former partner or husband. That is so disheartening. 


Love Shouldn't Hurt Campaign, Population Solutions For Health in partnership with Sweden (Swerige), Population Services International, and the Government of Zimbabwe

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