Apostle Sibiya Was Single And Desperate? Kana Waakuda Imba Chaizvo-Chaizvo Uchaiwana

Thanks for following through. As a Christian, I realized that after dealing with my past hurts and relationships, trust issues, and unrealistic expectations, I had to move on by way of God's guidance. I think that is very important for today's relationships. Usangode demhe usingazive kuti mukati munei, dzimwe nguva guyo kutsvukira asi mukati muzere masvosve! Always remember that unlike what people think, Satan, from the Bible is always portrayed as looking nice or handsome! KIKIKI!

Apostle Sibiya Was Single And Desperate? Kana Waakuda Imba Chaizvo-Chaizvo Uchaiwana

Indeed: "Fathers can give their sons an inheritance of houses and wealth, but only the LORD can give an understanding wife." (Proverbs 19:14) Usafe wakazvirongera mukadzi kana murume wofunga kuti achanzi akanaka...murume/ mukadzi akanaka anobva kunaMwari. Vabereki vakowo ngavakurongere pfuma nenhaka but area yewaniso ndeyaJehovah! WAPANZWA HERE?

Out of a desperate heart, I started seeking God in prayer. I also engaged the church to pray for MAI BISHOP! One Friday night I knelt to pray for a wife and left to sleep at 4a.m. That is desperation! The God-kind of desperation. fter a few Fridays of my own all-night prayers, ndega zvangu, kwete zvekusvetuka uchionererwa nemasisters I  made this prayer to God: Mwari mukadzi wangu wacho wandiri kunamatira pamwe akatorara hake izvezvi ini handisikurara nekunamata, aiwa mumutseiwo kwaari ikoko anamatewo!"

That Sunday a young beautiful sister came to see me and ask for prayer she could not sleep on Friday night. I asked her why she couldn't and she told me that because she saw people wearing white robes in her bedroom who had the similitude of my face. I quickly cut the conversation but knew that this was the first sign. Next Sunday, same story about Friday night. Guys nyaya yangu yakatumirwa ngirozi kunondinyengera kikiki!

Old ladies from church started telling me kuti God was showing them this young lady as their amai. I laughed it off publicly but frankly speaking ndanga ndatowira...up until today NDAKACHAWIRA! This girl is Anna Tendayi Chiweshe now mai Sibiya, we've been married for 18 years in 2022!

Wadzidzei apa? You cannot have it the same way as me, vamwe vanoita zvengirozi, vamwe unongozvinzwawo kuti uyu ndiye, vamwe krotswa whatever...Its not about how "supernatural" it looks but its about how everything should start and end with God! You must be desperate before God and not men and women!

Would you want me and mama to hold your hand in your journey to a fruitful marriage? Do you believe that God is still able to do it after all the betrayals, disappointments, and delays? Are you really desperate?



Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

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