A Real Man Won't Lose...: Must Read

I don't remember seeing my parents kissing, I remember the awkward hugs here and there though, mostly if not only those times when my dad came back from work after a long absence. 

Showing affection was sacred. Never to be done in the presence of children. We were not allowed to watch romantic movies. Well obviously by romantic we do not mean explicit stuff that is ungodly. 
A film can be romantic without obscenities, deep kissing, or deep scenes. If there was an unexpected kissing scene, we would close our eyes or look away lest be seen as forward/naughty.

A Real Man Won't Lose...: Must Read

What bothers me the most is that arguing and fighting in our presence wasn't as sacred, it was more like a norm. Even watching action movies were okay. We would watch, laugh and cheer as a family, having a good time, probably the best memories I have. Violence was more acceptable than love, yet they all excepted us to grow into loving caring, and kind sisters, brothers, wives, and husbands. Today, we complain about our men not being romantic. anyway that was then, I am changing the narrative.

It's twice as hard to show love as it is to be cold because most of us grew up in the same setup that I've described. Being a loving person seems foreign. However, let's not dim our lights because we are in dark places. Every day is a new day to improve and do better! As a modern man, I have realized that beating up my wife is not manly at all. I have decided to change the course of my family. 

I can't lose my dignity
I cannot stand and see myself losing my wife
I can't lose my job
I will not lose my family and position as an elder in the church
I will not lose my right to be elected into parliament
I will not lose my respect in my community
I will not lose my temper to the extent of beating my wife,
I will not lose, I will be man-enough to control myself!

I am a man, I am a game changer, I am transforming the story...It is more manly to kiss my wife than to be violent!
A Real Man Won't Lose...: Must Read

Dialogue is the best, raise your hand to love not to beat.  There is, absolutely, no justification for beating the ones we love. If you see that you are in the heat of the moment just PAUSE-WALK AWAY-CALL 08 080 117 or send a Whatsapp message to 0782 486 559. My message to the community is that when you see signs of abuse or violence please speak out, call 08 080 117.

Issues of domestic violence against women are on the rise in Zimbabwe with 1 in every 2 women reporting having experienced emotional, physical, or sexual abuse from a current or former partner or husband. That is so disheartening. 


Love Shouldn't Hurt Campaign, Population Solutions For Health in partnership with Sweden (Swerige), Population Services International, and the Government of Zimbabwe

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