China Chemadzimai NaAunty Rhoda: Vag***l Health Tips For Sisters

 China Chemadzimai NaAunty Rhoda: Vag***l Health Tips For Sisters



It is important to know the dos and don'ts when it comes to vaginal care in order to prevent infection, odour and irritation.

1. WASH The VAGINA @ LEAST TWICE DAILY: If you work out, sweat excessively, or are involved in some other sweat-inducing activity, then wash after each activity. Make sure you change your undergarments at least daily and wash them in hot water to kill any stubborn bacteria. This will help to get rid of sweat and bacteria which may have been trapped, leaving you feeling and smelling better.

 China Chemadzimai NaAunty Rhoda: Vag***l Health Tips For Sisters

2. DO NOT DOUCHE: Don’t use antiseptic soaps or body scrubs to wash your vagina. These products make the vagina unfavourable for good bacteria and impact on vagina health causing candida super-infection (the one popularly called “toilet infection”).

3. ALWAYS EAT PLAIN UNFLAVOURED soya YOGHURT regularly or take PRO-BIOTICS. These have live active bacteria that contribute to the healthy ecological balance of the vagina.

4. ALWAYS KEEP YOUR VAGINA DRY except you are having sexual intercourse. Keeping moisture and sweat down there is a recipe for bad odour and poor vagina health. You can know your ovulation day; your safe period (when to have sex and not conceive), and also your fertile period every month with your phone.

5. ALWAYS CHANGE YOUR TAMPONS OR PADS REGULARLY IF YOU USE THEM DURING YOUR PERIODS - The longer they stay, the faster the bacteria on them will breed, causing potential infections. You shall also avoid pads or tampons with deodorants, sprays perfumes or other chemicals.



From a medical perspective, it is quite annoying and shocking to see the sentiments expressed by some women over their vaginas. It explains why Zambia has one of the highest rates of cervical cancer in the world. Even a grade 10 child can tell some of these things. Please if you have ears, LISTEN:

1. DO NOT DOUCHE: that means do not clean your vagina by inserting your fingers or soap or anything else. THE VAGINA IS SELF-CLEANING, IT DOES NOT NEED YOUR HELP, LEAVE IT ALONE. Douching can change the acidity and bacterial makeup of the vagina, causing infections, which may spread to the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. It has been associated with bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, pelvic inflammatory disease, and adverse events in pregnancy. Ladies, there’s no need to douche or apply products internally. You can keep your vagina healthy by simply washing of the vulva (outside) with water during your daily shower or bath. Even if you had sex, or just finished your pees, there is NO need to wash inside, you are damaging yourself.


Your vagina is a muscle, no amount of sticks or stones or herbs will tighten it. The best you can do to a muscle to work it, please try the kegel exercise. You can do this exercise anywhere at any time. Do you know why you think your vagina is tighter after using the sticks or herbs etc? It is because they suck out the moisture from inside and make your vagina to swell, therefore becoming smaller and you think you are tight. You are not, you are simply swollen and having sex while swollen will increase your chances of bruising, infection and other health consequences. 

STOP INSERTING THINGS IN YOUR VAGINA, LEAVE IT ALONE. Also, stop putting vinegar or ice cubes in your vagina.

3. STOP ABUSING FLAGYL TO MAKE YOUR BODY BECOME WARM - Flagyl is an antibiotic which should only be used when prescribed by a doctor. Abusing it will only make you resistant to it and by the time you are really sick and need it, it will be useless. You are making yourself vulnerable to infections. STOP IT.

4. DO NOT LOSE YOUR LIFE FOR YOUR MAN JUST TO PLEASE HIM. Please if you have time take a walk to the cancer ward after that visit trust me you will not come here asking for Madura sticks or what to put in your vagina. LOVE SINCERELY BUT STOP RISKING YOUR LIFE... DO YOU KNOW THAT WHEN YOU DIE OF CANCER, WHILE THEY ARE BURYING YOU, HE WILL BE TEXTING HIS NEW GIRLFRIEND THAT -' I'll be there in 30 mins. We are just body viewing!!!! 

STOP RISKING YOUR LIVES TO PLEASE MEN. BUT MAINTAIN CLEANLINESS. He should love the 'natural' you, not the 'artificial' you.

I REST MY CASE,  Forward this to every woman's sister mother, and daughter. 



Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

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