How Women Define A Romantic Man!

 How a Woman defines a Romantic Man.

1) Gives her Money.

Yes oh, I had to start with this.

Some stingy Men just left the group now, but it's the truth, Romance without any Finance (no matter how little) is not very romantic. 

No matter how financially comfortable a lady is, her man's money still speaks great love to her.

Also getting her gifts (no matter how little) even when it's not her birthday does wonders to how she's sees you.

2) Helps her Out

Apart from money, a lady defines a romantic Man by his willingness to help around the house with chores and work to reduce the total work load on her. It shows care. 

3) Listens to Her.

Woman love to talk, it only follows that any Man who knows how to listen will appeal to them.

Listening to her means you give her attention, allow her talk (both her sense and nonsense) and you talk back to and with her.

How Women Define A Romantic Man! 

4) Plays with her.

Everything is not fall down and die, prayer power, kainos and dimensions.

A romantic man tickles his wife, plays with her hair, plays (video and board) games with her, and knows how to have a good time with his lady without having to involve sex. 

 5) Takes her Out occasionally (to have memorable dates/outings) .

Romantic Man that has not taken his wife out for even a single date in the past 3 months, is that one romantic?

6) Takes care of his look.

From the appearance, to the aroma to confidence level.

Sir, what is romantic about the red suit on top of yellow trouser and brown shoe you plan to wear tomorrow to see your crush?

Sir, Perish that idea.

6) Verbalizes his Feelings

A Man who can express his feelings verbally, poetically and creatively, he shall be praised. 

Tell her how you feel about her everyday. 

7) Fear of God.

What is Romantic about a man who isn't well acquainted with the book of Romans?

Just incase you didn't know, the anointing is romantic.


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Dear Brother, be thou Romantic. 

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