Confession: I Almost Killed My Wife

I am a 43-year-old man and would like to confess the bad thing that I did. I am writing this note as I wait for my wife at the hairdresser where I have been pushing her in her wheelchair for the past few weeks. I now understand how to love my wife unconditionally but the unfortunate had already happened. 

I saw a number of Whatsapp messages on my wife's phone that I didn't, apparently, understand. Being the man I was then I never cared to ask for an explanation. I continued to spy through her phone until one day after bottling my suspicion and anger I burst after I saw a message from the same guy, Malume WekuSydney. Long story short, I just picked an iron still and with all my might lashed out at my wife. My wife is now living with a disability I inflicted on her...and I regret it. 

Confession: I Almost Killed My Wife

After Talking to her she explained that Malume was the same brother as her mom and that they didn't know where he was. He had been found the days I and my wife were not talking and she then forgot to tell me that he had reached out from Sydney. It now makes sense, Oh Malume...oh sekuru... yes it was "uncle" in English. And yes, it makes sense now, all African malumes endear themselves to their nieces with love titles! In the moment of madness, I lost it. I could have done things differently. the sad reality is that it now makes sense after my three(3)-year jail term, losing my job, friends, the respect that my community had over me, and disabling my wonderful and beautiful wife! Boys dzangu, never go this way, it hurts.

I urge my brothers in Zimbabwe and beyond, in love, as a fellow man, when you don't understand something ask your wife and talk over things. Dialogue is the best, raise your hand to love not to beat. Yes, I feel, my wife should have told me about malume but, ultimately, there is no justification for beating the ones we love. If you see that you are in the heat of the moment just PAUSE-WALK AWAY-CALL 08 080 117 or send a Whatsapp message to 0782 486 559. I am so sorry to my wife and community, I almost killed my wife. My message to the community is that when you see signs of abuse or violence please speak out, call 08 080 117.

Confession: I Almost Killed My Wife

Issues of domestic violence against women are on the rise in Zimbabwe with 1 in every 2 women reporting having experienced emotional, physical, or sexual abuse from a current or former partner or husband. That is so disheartening. 


Love Shouldn't Hurt Campaign, Population Solutions For Health in partnership with Sweden (Swerige), Population Services International, and the Government of Zimbabwe

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