Why He/ She Cheats

Why He/She Cheats

"I will Change him"

"Just let me marry him first, by the time I am through with him, he will not want to look outside"

"With my wealth and accolades, no woman can misbehave while with me"

Well truth is, as a Woman or Man, you can try, do all you know how to do, so as to keep your partner satisfied at home so they don't look outside, but a person who will cheat ehn, I don't know how to put it nicely, truth is, a person who will cheat will cheat.

If your spouse is being faithful and behaving right, it's not entirely because you know how to do something right or well, not just because your cooking is the bomb, or that you have a Ph.D. in the other room matters, or because you married him a virgin, or because you have money, no.

A spouse who doesn't cheat or misbehave does so for two reasons
Why He/ She Cheats
Why He/ She Cheats

1) They don't want to Cheat.

2) They don't want to Cheat.

Be grateful if you have such a spouse, and don't glory in what you are doing that you think is the reason they are faithful or loyal to you, someone else is doing that same thing you are doing and is still being ignored, mistreated, and cheated on.

But really, to think that you will be able to buy your antics and ability or talents and skills to keep a Person who wants to cheat from cheating is preposterous.

I have seen Men who marry hardworking, beautiful loyal submissive wives cheating,

I have seen Women who married faithful romantic husbands cheating,

A successful Marriage is a game of two persons, not one.

Don't go into Marriage banking only on your ability to satisfy your spouse as a guarantee that they won't misbehave.

Also, factor the other person into this.

It takes two for a Marriage to Succeed.

Not Just One.

Marry a person who loves and fears God. You're safer with such a person.

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Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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