The 5 Men Who Are A Temptation To Married Women


Last week we looked at the 10 women that every husband should deal with carefully if he is to avoid falling for them. Today we look at the flip side. The following are MEN that are a Temptation to  Wives. Please wives take heed , you will thank me later.

Proverbs 14:1 "The wise woman builds her house, But the foolish tears it down with her own hands."


The Man Of Cloth is the most attractive  man in Church.His voice, sense of style and he is always dripping. He is MEN OF cloth not Angel Of Cloth meaning he is like all other man. He is not Paul of the bible that's why he is married.The anointing can be very attractive.Despite his attractiveness Mai mufundisi vaneta naye kumba kwavo! Men of Cloth are good listeners  and women are attracted to that especially if they feel thier husbands dont listen to them. Kusowe ndiko kuchapedza maMarriages takarivara! A lot of women end up in the arms of these "Men Of Cloth" because some women are attracted to "solution givers". Husbands please by all means  try to be the source of solutions for your wives.The word "father" comes from the Hebrew word that is translated to "source".Don't be thier prayer point! Be her HEAD not her HEADACHE


A Man tends to get attracted to anyone and anything that gives him RESPECT.

THE respect you give to your boss can send a signal that says you are interested in him. Maintain a Professional relationship.Don't jump into the front seat when travelling with your Male boss. If you are out in Vic Falls for a work related retreat make sure you stay on the first floor while boss is on the 7th. You go kubasa nemaPata Pata/pumps / sandals and then change into heels once at work Ummmm. Put pics of your hubby on your workstation. Make such pictures your screensavers on your computer.

The 5 Men Who Are A Temptation To Married Women


Because you work together 8 hours a day (you do lunch together) chances are that you have developed what we call Work Intimacy which will soon turn into a workplace romantic affair. Introduce your workmate to your hubby were possible. 


Your Mechanic, Mukomana weBasa etc.

Those "garden boy" stories are real. If as woman your love language is acts of service then you may fall for whoever is providing a service.Kutomhanya nemukoma weBasa woshaya kuti mukadzi wemunhu apindwa neyi. Husbands normalize fixing stuff like plug tops, changing bulbs etc...Your wives think that's sexy!

This group of handymen is also respectful and that's what most wives don't get from thier Shewes.

5. THE GYM INSTRUCTOR ...............

I'm done wife is saying that's enough for today. Kikiki... Titsanangurireiwo vanoenda kumagym! 

Chikuru ngatityei Mwari totendeka kuvadikani vedu. Ladies, and all men, never let your mind stray and never entertain the temptation nor any other person except your spouse, in Jesus'mighty name.

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By Simba Woloza

Gamuchira Jesu ikozvino woendawo kukereke kunobatirana nevamwe pamweya.

Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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