Tete Moira: Ladies, Your Vag, Your Glory!

Tete Moira: Ladies, Your Vag, Your Glory!

Let's talk about your vagina!

Lady, between your legs is a world that many men want to enter, but you decide who goes in. There are consequences if a man enters there, good or bad.

I have seen and heard of those that are displaying madness because of who they allowed to sex them,i have seen the glorious one turns empty barrel because of who they allow to sex them,i have seen who got possessed by evil spirit due to his sex partner, I have heard of who is between life and death because of sex,I have heard of the anointed becoming a slave to Satan because of sex......... destiny has been destroyed due to immoralities.

Dear ladies,men will want to go inside your vagina because of two reasons: Love or lust. You need to discern well.

Every lady must know the story of Tamar in the Bible (2 Samuel 13:1-21). A beautiful woman who was desired by a selfish man called Amnon.

Amnon is the classic example of a man who looks at a woman and only thinks about having sex with her.

Amnon lusted after Tamar, and just like any selfish man, he used the word "love" in a loose and casual way. Some men will tell you "I love you", treat you well and by you gifts just to get your vagina.

Amnon went on saying how much he loves Tamar... And just like any other selfish man, Amnon plotted to be alone with Tamar, he pretended to be sick.

Tete Moira: Ladies, Your Vag, Your Glory!

Tamar was too naive, she was just a good lady, she chose to help him like many naive ladies who slowly get close to men who are just luring them with sweet words, lies, traps...

As she served him food, Amnon grabbed her wanting to have sex. A typical example of any man waiting for any opportunity to sex a woman.

She pleaded with him,she said if he wants her, why doesn't he marry her and he can have sex with her all his life! But just like any selfish man, he was only thinking about the now, he was not after marriage.

His manhood was making the decision. She tried to fight him and sadly, he raped her.... Men are often physically powerful than the woman, but some men instead of using this strength to protect, they use it to fulfill their short term erection.

After sexing her, Amnon hated Tamar more than he loved her before, he avoided her.

This happens each time when a lady gives herself to the wrong man(premaritally or postmaritally) because once he has sex with you, he will want nothing to do with you, the mission of his penis has been accomplished, he was just after sex even if he lied to you that he loves you.

Ladies, there are two types of men pursuing you; those whose only goal is to sex you, and those whose goal is to love you.

A man who wants to love you will want to know you, his conversations will be more than sexual. He will not brag how great he is in bed, he will let his care for you brag how great a man he can be to you.

He will go out of his way to make you see a lifetime partner and a husband in him. He will not rush you!

He will not be quick to tell you he loves you because his words carry weight. He will often talk about a future with you, whether directly or hint at it, and you'll see effort in bringing about that future.

Handling you in a way to win your trust, not forcing you but inspiring you to choose him.

He will not be quick to have sex with you, he will be willing to wait after marriage,after sexing you in marriage,he will love you more because sex is just a part of the equation not the whole of it.

NOTE:there are also women who are lustful. Tamar was naive but there are women who entertain, initiate and advance lust.

These lustful women prey on naive men or they hook up with other lustful men and indulge in ungodly sexual ways.

Ladies,be responsible with your vagina. Do not use people for sex or allow yourself to be used for sex.

The greatest battles women face in their mind and spirit are brought about by sex. You may have sex with men who use condoms but sex is more complex than rubber.Even if you use condom to block infections and diseases, you can't use condoms to prevent demons and all sorts of evil spirit in your sex partner.

Lady, guard your vagina; it is the door to your soul, spirit, heart and mind. Give it to the right man in marriage.

In marriage, guard your vagina from being unfaithful. Keep off the men who will pursue you knowing very well you are married. Do not let your vagina to break your home.

As a single lady,when you're ovulating and you are sexually hungry, exercise self control.Even if you are married and your husband is not available, still exercise self control.Do not let your horniness lead you to trouble.

Masturbating is not the best thing to do for God Will jugde any form of immorality, repent from your sins and turn back to the Lord for He is willing to accept you.(Jeremiah 3:1-12)

Pray for the right partner and work on yourself to be the right partner,soon you will enjoy sex with the right partner legally (in marriage).

As a lady, the consequence of having sex affects you more than the man, keep your vagina,keep your destiny and keep your glory.

A man must love your inner being(spirit and soul)before you give him the treasures that hide from your outer being(your body).

Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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